Sunday, August 2, 2009

to do

I feel as though there is progress being made in the flyboy household.

What kind you ask? Is one dash brother potty trained and the other no longer talking back? No no, not so much, but quite frankly I wasn't expecting huge progress in those departments. I'm a realist, not a miracle worker.

But we are making progress on the baby front and with just about four weeks to go that's a good thing to quote a famous felon homemaker extraordinaire.

Our to do list:
-decide on a name that will not result in hours of teasing come middle school
-paint the nursery walls, done lovingly by my sweet flyboy and his "big helper" dash-1
-hang up everything and put said painted nursery back together (pictures will at some point follow)
-convince the dashes that having a baby around will be oodles of fun (all in all we don't so much care if they are on board, this is happening whether they like it or not)
-set up the stroller and car seat
-buy a new roomy car... oh wait. This wasn't on the list. Oh yeah it kinda just crept in there. But it's taken care of none the less.
-start finish my freezer cooking
-pack hospital bag for moi and the baby and bags for the boys
-hope and pray the baby doesn't come early while our babysitters are out of town.

So there, I'm sure you were all dying to know this much about my to do list. I'm hoping now that its out there in black and white I'll have the actual motivation to get to the rest of it.

And the whole potty training, talking back thing too.


  1. Wow, you are really nesting now, lol! Good job on getting so much done...I love how your new car "snuck in" there...that's what my dishwasher and heatpump did to me! Every time Sailor/Husband deploys, it's a major appliance or home emergency. I told him next deployment I think I want to sell the house and live in a tent, lol!

  2. that's incredible!! good luck with everything!! you've motivated me to do my laundry now... haha!

  3. Good job on getting things marked off your list. Very much like me. I put my daily lists on a white board so I can hold myself (and the husband) responsible. 4 weeks is going to go by fast!

  4. I'm proud of you.

    Let me know how you do on the talking back thing. I found my mother creeping across my lips when I uttered, "Don't make me wash your mouth out with soap."

    Ditto Sara...four weeks will fly by!

  5. I hope you get all your stuff done! That's major goals!

  6. Congrats on crossing so many things off your list. Must feel a little relieved :)

    And I am the queen of checklists, so nice to see everything I need to do, even nicer to cross them off!!!

  7. Awesome! Your so close... I remember having #3... it was all planning... the fun of baby having had left me!

  8. Good to see things coming along. I can't believe it's only four weeks left. Time is flying!

  9. Wow - He's coming soon :) Can't wait to hear all the details :)

    And hey - a good note on the potty training thing: because he is not potty trained, there will be no regressing once the baby comes :) That would stink. Thinking all is good on the potty front, only to have accidents all day long again :(

  10. Wow it's coming up fast! Dash-3 will be here before you know it! Good luck with the rest of your to-do list!

  11. Show off! Just kidding. I guess most of the stuff on my list is done. All I have left is to find a rocking chair, which of course every store has decided to stop carrying because it's not summer (?) anymore. Just about 2 weeks left over here. Can I have a do over?

  12. Did you ever clean the playroom and vacuum?? HEHE. Glad your getting stuff done.

  13. Don't forget you can write things you do on the list just to cross them off. 4 weeks, yay! You'll get done. No worries. You just relax and give dash1 the stink eye right back.

  14. You're making progress!

    I have an idea, maybe you should put the potty training/talking back items on the babysitters list :)

  15. hmm...I am confused. Where is the napping and eating bon-bons task on your list? Or is that just a give in? Ha :)


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