Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Where did my shame go?

JG left a comment about how my honesty and lack of shame made following my life funny. What I loved was that after she wrote out lack of shame she added no offense.

Puhleeez none taken!

Actually lack of shame pretty adequately describes life around here most of the time.

Much to flyboy's chagrin.

I'm pretty sure lack of shame goes hand in hand with motherhood. In fact I can pinpoint the exact moment I lost it.

It was right around when they wheeled in the giant spotlight during dash-1's delivery. I can still hear them flicking on the light, ever been at a major league ballpark when they turn on the big lights and you hear the whoosh whoosh whoosh sound as they flick on?

Well it wasn't that loud, but still, as you're laying with your legs in the stirrups and a big ol' light is wheeled in it might as well be that loud.

So anyways, because I'm having some blogging block, I figured I'd do a post to share some shameful, yet funny, little things.

- I frequently have on occasion called flyboy on his cellphone when he's downstairs because I'm upstairs and too lazy to walk down to get something for myself. I wish I could say I've only done this while pregnant. In fact tonight I was going to do it and was so lazy that I didn't because the phone was four steps away from me on the bed. How shameful is that?

- The other night I did something that even flyboy said he would never do. (Which I might add I'm not so sure about that) My dear dash-2 has a new favorite, he is in love with strawberry ice cream, which he calls strawvery. His idea of shear happiness is eating a strawvery ice cream cone while sitting on the porch. And what did I do? I finished off the strawvery ice cream one night.

Yeah that's right, I ate me some strawvery ice cream once he had gone to sleep and it just happened to be the last in the container. Flyboy thought that was perhaps the lowest a mother could stoop. Perhaps a regular mom but not a pregnant one. I know no depths when its comes to food.

And I did get him more the next day.

- I have actually forgotten to feed my kids lunch before.

I can hear flyboy smacking his forehead wondering why I'm sharing this with the world, because I am me my dear. That's why.

But seriously, I wasn't goofing off on the internet or laying on the couch eating bon bons, but there have been days when chores were just getting knocked out left and right and the kids were just playing so nicely that holy crap, I look up and see the time and realize we skipped right over lunch.

Now in the interest of full disclosure, gulp, there was actually a day when I forgot to feed them lunch and dinner.

**hanging my head in shame**

But to our defense we were having a great day doing some art projects and food was just a mere after thought. And flyboy was away so there wasnt that reminder when he got home from work.

And my kids are healthy and relatively well adjusted and don't worry, I'm much better about remembering to feed them lately.

Shoot, I think I've shared enough. And you know what else. I'm slapping up my honest mommy button here too, because darn it, I can. And because like I said, I think to a certain extent, lack of shame, goes with motherhood, at least honest motherhooding.


  1. you think your bad bc you finished his ice cream mike and i will buy a container of ice cream without the kids knowing and finish the whole thing in one night. (which is why we usually just go to the ice cream store and get cups of it)

  2. Yeah, when they wheel out that light thing pretty much all idea of modesty goes out the window. Was your's mirrored so you could watch? Personally I thought that was a bit much.

    And you DID buy him more ice cream. You were sampling it to make sure your beloved dashes were having the best strawvery ice cream possible. Right? Right.

    And this is going to sound weird, but the fact that ya'll skipped a few meals is probably a good thing. With everything so biggie sized and so much about food, by skipping a meal because ya'll are having a great day just means they understand that some things are more special than food.

  3. Ha, I don't remember adding that, but whatev! :) Yes, I've noticed how giving birth (especially to boys) tends to erase all shame in a woman, at least temporarily.

    Okay, good to know that there are people who have occasionally forgetten to feed their kids. I can see that as being my #1 mommy mistake in the years to come.

  4. I really don't think that ice cream thing is THAT bad. :) That there learns 'em some character. That is what my Granddaddy would have said anyway.

    Oh yeah...I lost my shame same way...except substitute 5 interns that walk in...and in full view of my area ask if they can observe.

  5. My shame and modesty is long gone. The Bear was born at a medical university (we were transferred because I was high risk). Any hope of an intimate or private birth was quickly taken away. Hubby counted 18 doctors/med students in my room at one time . . . all while I was on full display.

    Our phone has an intercom option. I feel like we paid extra for it so we might as well use it as much as possible :-)

  6. Ive forgotton lunch for my kids too. So what? Who cares...your not calling ACS are you?

  7. at least you share the ice cream! i too have been know to hide treats from beans just so i can eat them all by myself :)

    and as for forgetting meals? pretty sure that is a total normal mommy attribute!

  8. Oh man... that made me laugh so hard my eyes watered up!

    I've forgotten to feed kids breakfast... but not the mornings we are staying home... the ones we have activities about and then we have those break downs and I think "wait, did you have breakfast."....

  9. Hey, at least you bought more ice cream the next day. And sometimes I messenger my husband on the computer because it's easier than going downstairs to talk to him. Lame, I know. :)

  10. You crack me up - and make motherhood look SO much more appealing, might I add. :-P

  11. Hahaha, I love that you ate the last of the ice cream!

  12. You crack me up!! Especially when you talked about the big old light and whosh whosh! Yea not looking forward to that in the years to come.

    I say eat the ice cream! Come on Flyboy she's giving you another dash! Soon she'll be so busy she won't have time to eat herself!

    Also on a random note- I got a hold of that church you mentioned and they think they should be able to work with me. Now my question for you that I should have asked before I contacted them- how many people does this church hold? Do you think if I had 100-130 guests they'd all fit?

  13. My husband is the one who calls my cell when he is upstairs and not in the mood to roll out of bed.

    I think flyboy should cut you slack for eating the last of the strawvery ice cream, since you did get dash-2 more the next day. I mean you could have just told him to deal.

  14. (snicker)'re sitting on the couch eating your kid's strawvery ice cream and not bon bons? hehehe.

    I read this whole post thinking, I will do these things. And nobody will die. The Mrs' family is proof. It'll be all right.

  15. I often guilt my kids into letting me have the last of something...I tell them that I work very hard and NEVER get anyone to treat me special, so I'm having the last chocolate covered whatever.

    I hide food from them (and my hubby), and eat it in sinful bliss when everyone's asleep (that would be Lindor Dark Chocolate truffles, thankyewverymuch!)

    I have forgotten to feed my kids. They've had snacks all day long. oops. They've not fallen over and died of starvation yet.

    I love your blog, your candor, and heck, you have some pretty good suggestions (I'm considering the cell phone thing myself - hubby used to regularly use the phone intercom instead of just calling out to me, why can't I call him on the cell when he's downstairs?)


  16. I finished off Judah's (unwanted and unfinished) pizza the other night... Mama needed some CARBS! Poor Judah looked at me and asked me why I was eating his pizza.

    Bad mama! :)

    I didn't even buy him more pizza.

    I love your honest mommy posts. It makes us all feel more normal when we read posts and comments like this!



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