Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Today is the day!

No apparently it is not that day.

I'm not quite yet the mother of three boys. I apologize if you guys all saw that and thought I was in labor. But then again if it got your attention.... hmmm... well... so be it. I'm not above using my "just about to pop" status.

So what am I talking about? Guess who's day it is to be featured over at Project Mommyhood?

I'll give you a hint, she likes to think that she is witty, sarcastic, occasionally serious and heartfelt, and of course, who could forget, damn near 15 mths pregnant.

If you guess ME you'd be right, right, right.

So pop on over, show this mommy some love. Oh and please, take a minute to vote!


  1. Great interview! I forgot today was the day! I am glad you reminded me :)

    I think that even if you don't win this contest I can honestly see that you have had an effect on others in a positive way and A LOT of people look to you to put a smile on their faces each day.
    That, my friend, is pretty darn cool in my book! Plus, you will be my Mommy Blogger of the Year :)

  2. You suck! I totally thought you were having the baby today! Booo!!!


    Just voted! (as I do every day ;)

  3. Awesome Interview, I voted for you!

  4. Totally voted, and now feel a *little* special for knowing someone FAMOUS ;)

    Good luck!!!

  5. I voted for you! Your interview was great! I was hoping to see a picture of you and your family :( Are there any on here? I didn't spot any...Interview was cute! Hope you win and go into labor REALLY soon!

  6. I've already voted!! I hope you win!

  7. Definitely thought it was a baby boy update. Bummer.

    I'll go vote though and maybe the excitement of winning will induce something!

  8. Very nice interview. And you totally faked me out with your title. The Mrs. Sneaky.

    I voted. Again.

  9. Voting!

    And I'm glad I'm not the only one who fell into your evil trap of thinking you were going into labor :-P

  10. lol you bonehead.

    I voted. More than once, actually a few times. :D

  11. You got me!

    I got all excited thinking little man was on his way!

    I'm off to read the interview.....but I was really hoping that your 15 month pregnancy is over soon with Dash 3 resting comfortably in your arms.


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