Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A spa day with nemo

It was almost like a spa.

Close your eyes and I'll take you there.

The nice minty smell of my CO Bigelow menthol conditioner, a little tingle on my scalp, sudsing my arms with my citrus melon non soap cleanser (that might I add I found in a stockpile while I was cleaning earlier, score!), I'm actually relaxing.

And then.

"MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM blow up my nemo for me?"

In comes dash-1 to ask me to blow up his inflatable nemo floatie from Disney. Oh the mrs. we didn't realize your house had a pool? Sweet.

It doesn't. I don't know what's in store for nemo.

So back to the spa like shower. I very nicely explained that I would blow up nemo to the best of my 36 week pregnant abilities when I was done, if I was asked one second before I was done I would cut nemo into little pieces with scissors.

Those were my exact words in case you need them for the nomination of mother of the year.

Dash-1 for once catches on that I might just be serious and leaves.

I rinse the minty conditioner from my hair enjoying how soft it is and then.....

"I seeeeeee youuuuuuu!" dash-2 rips back the curtain and actually looks like he's thinking about jumping in.

This was the point I just gave up. Turn off the water and realized that my bathroom will never be a spa sanctuary.

And then someone tossed in an inflatable nemo for me to blow up. "I don't hear any water going......"

In case your wondering, nemo hasn't been hacked up yet and yes I did manage to blow up not one but two nemos.


  1. hahah i'm sorry your spa shower wasnt everything you hoped it woudl be

  2. hahahahha poor you! dont you just hate how you cant be alone even in the spa? Sheesh. props to you for blowing up 2 nemos...i couldnt do that with my non preggo self! LOL

  3. aww... for a minute there I was thinking you snuck a shower while someone else watched the kids or something. I got a little excited fo ryou for a minute there.


    Maybe next time?

  4. This had me laughing my butt off. I love that you actually said that to them!

    By the way, no apologies needed. I was in trasition and you got it off to me very quickly once I was settled. No worries. And thank you :-)

  5. I was definitely laughing inside as I was reading this. I can completely imagine myself in this position in a few years.

    And I cracked up when the Nemo was "tossed" into the shower...

    ps- Thank you SO much for my gift, I am very excited about it.

  6. this is hilarious! I remember having a clear shower curtain so I could see what the little heathens were up to when I was in there!

  7. This is why I don't shower unless the Captain is asleep. Although I've got a ways to go before she asks me to blow up stuff.

  8. I am absolutely dying laughing!!! Poor mama.

  9. Oh no! Sounds like you need one of those inflation things for mother's day.. or your birthday, or today!

  10. haha, we can dream right!

  11. You are TOTALLY mom of the year! I would have cut that thing up in a second. :)

  12. Aw! I'm sorry you weren't able to get any peace in quiet in the shower. I can't wait to hear the stories when you have 3 Dashes poking their heads in! haha! So what did they end up doing with the nemos if you have no pool?

  13. You have way more patience than me! I would have hacked nemo....

  14. My shower is never a sacred time either. I always, always have visitors. Three of them to be exact.

    They just like to "check on you, Mama!"



  15. Aw man!! Maybe someone can watch the boys so you can go to a real spa! =)


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