Friday, August 14, 2009

thankful moments

There are days in parenting that beat you down. Days that can easily break your spirit and your sanity.

And then there are days like today.

Days when fights and bickering are few and far between, laughter seems a bit more free flowing, where nothing spectacular happens but at the same time things just seem to fall into place.

One of the best parts of being a parent is getting to live life once again thru the eyes of your kids. Grass isn't just grass, its something to be studied, dandelions aren't weeds, they are flowers to be picked and given with all the love of roses, butterflies aren't just something that occasionally get stuck in your car's grill, they are something to be chased after while giggling.

Days like today are filled with moments like those.

And those are the moments that make me thankful to be a mom.

The moments where you remember to stop; to stop and watch, to stop and take in the joy with your kids, the joy that is your kids; to stop and remind yourself that perfection exist in those moments.


  1. what a beautiful happy you had such a great day in Mommyland!

  2. I'm glad today was a good day and I hope you have so many more wonderful ones to come

  3. Although I'm not a Mom yet, I try and realize the same thing when I get the chance to photograph a child or a family. Kids have such wonder and innocence that it's a good reminder to just don't sweat the small is about living!! And children are a perfect example of that! This was definitely a great post!

  4. Such a sweet post. The planets were aligned for you today. :)

  5. Glad you had a beautiful
    Friday! Mine started at 5:00 when I clocked out :) Hope the rest of the weekend goes well :)
    Give me a call tomorrow night if you are not too busy or worn out. Robbie has soccer from 6-8 at night.

    miss you

  6. See? That's why you're an awesome mom and that's what I look forward to, someday.


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