Saturday, August 22, 2009

Reusable maxi pads and nerf guns

I get an email daily about giveaways of handmade items. Most are very nifty, handmade soaps, jewelry, you get the gist, however I've also been noticing a fair number of of something else.
Homemade, reusable, pads. And I'm not talking note pads here folks. Hand made, reusable sanitary pads.

Maybe I'm just not eco friendly enough but that whole concept is lost on me. I want to help the enviroment but I must draw a line somewhere. I buy the biodegradable tampons isnt that enough? And I recycle my plastics, cans, and toss our food in a compost pile. Washing out my sanitary pads is just too much.

Waaaaaaaaaaaay too much.

Maybe if I spotted instead of a full on period but even then, I just have to draw my desire to save the world at recycling my pads. You'll see me in a hybrid car or lightening my house by candle light before that's going to happen.

And I'm sure you're all thrilled that I'm sharing this with you. But really, I've seen quite a few giveaways for them. And on that note, what an odd thing to give away.

Not to be too personal but do these appeal to anyone out there?

On another totally unrelated note, the doctor reccomended walking around to help "unstick" the baby (he's not medically stuck I just feel like he is). Anyways, we are having horrible humidity and storms so she did say not to walk in the heat so our options were limited.

What to do? Head to a GIANT mall a bit south of us and just walk, walk, walk. I'd like to share what happens when you take two little boys and one Marine to the mall. You come home with... these:

And nothing for mommy. And mind you, we ALREADY have nerf guns, but these, these babies have lasers for targeting.

A must have so I'm told.

But in the interest of full, honest, disclosure, I must admit that while testing one out, I shot dash-2 at close range... in the eye. Whoops.

But to my defense these triggers are very sensitive. I've given up nerfing for a bit. I'll just stick to the computer and holding down the couch while they beat each other up.


  1. Gross! Please do not host a giveaway for this!

  2. On any given normal day, no way on those pads! But, I do have to add that I have done a fair amount of backpacking in my time, and these would be great so as not to have to carry all that extra stuff....great, that is, only if O.B. tampons didn't exist, can stuff a years worth of those in a pocket, so I guess I'll pass on those too :) As far as those Nerf guns, my kids got those for Xmas last year and my mom in MN said they took down the Christmas tree and it was full of those darts and she is still finding them in lampshades, etc. Maybe next time they will give cash, lol!

  3. This is wierd!! Honestly I think it's a bit gross.. Ugh.. I have to stop thinking about it now

  4. I'm all for a eco friendly environment, but there are somethings that are pushing it. THIS IS ONE OF THEM!

    Great blog! Glad I stopped by!

  5. I have seen those before, and heard stories from my grandmother that involved the words "Back in the day"... I am totally fine with the ones I throw away.

    The nerf guns sound super exciting though! I hope all that walking helped you out a bit.

  6. That's disgusting! NO WAY would I use those pags.

  7. NO! NEVER!!!! Who thought those things up?

  8. thanks for commenting! so sorry that everything on my blog lately has eggs :-(

    on another note re-usable pads I'm a nurse and a germaphobe and thats wrong on so many levels... whats next re-usable tampons and condoms?

  9. i found your blog through another military mom website and i have to say.... i just bought myself some washable panty liners and tampons :) the panty liners are no biggie at all, i just throw them in with my cloth diapers.

    i can let you know how the tampons work out :-p

  10. now, that i've read the comments above mine, i'd also like to say that its perfectly sanitary - you do WASH them! :) and i use hot water and oxyclean, and vinegar in the rinse cycle (natural antifungal) just like my diapers.

    honestly, maybe its just me, but my son's poop is WAY grosser than menstrual fluid.

  11. Definitely all for the eco friendly... but not sure about this one... You can also buy these things called Instead... they look like diaphragms (totally butchered that one)... haven't tried one yet, but i would use them camping...

  12. that is absolutely disgusting. And don't they stain? ewwww

  13. they are called DIVA cups

    and are next on my list to try :)

    and actually, no they don't stain if you have the right thickness (like disposable pads) and the pads themselves wash great; although i have been rinsing them in cold water first! :)

    and the mrs. - thanks for stopping by my blog :) i only started recently when i accidentialy found them on etsy and was like hey, how much money do i waste on this stuff every month (since we aren't currently pregnant)... might as well try them.

    honestly, if i wasn't already doing the cloth diapers, i think i would be more weirded out by it

  14. These are great! They are so much softer and less irritating than disposable pads. I'm really sensitive to chemicals and rough materials, so these are perfect for me. They also come in great fabrics and designs.

  15. I don't want to get into the gorey details (literally) but I can say I've known people who are willing to buy those. I, however, am going to stick with my tampons. Poop over blood!!!

    And I heard raspberry tea helps get things going... maybe try that?

  16. Hmm, yes, line clearly drawn. There is eco-friendly, then there is back to Amish country. I will stick with being mildly eco friendly. Funny post though!

  17. Yup, gonna pass on the reusable pads. I guess I am just not green enough for that.

  18. Ew ew ew, I feel I'm pretty eco friendly as well but that's a big fat NO. That's way too gross and I would not be buying those or using them.

  19. I'm glad you aren't doing this giveaway! I think it probably works great for some people but it's one thing I'm not really ready to try!

  20. I understand those who choose to use them and even give Kudos for it. Around Chateau L, I don't stay caught up enough on my laundry to even consider it, even if I were to get past my ick factor of it. I've been known to throw out outfits of O's from an explosive poop - or just more poop than usual. We're green in other areas of our lives, but this isn't one I'm ready to take a leap on yet.

    Love the Nerf guns. I'm glad W doesn't follow the blogs I read otherwise we'd have an arsenal of them at our house and they closed the toystore in our mall.

  21. I had a lot of friends that use DivaCups, which are basically little rubbery cups that you put in your vagina to catch the "fallout," if you will, then you clean them and use them again. The idea is great, the whole "reuseable" thing, and really, it's no different from using cloth diapers. Plus, tampons and maxi pads, as they're made, are really not great for your body. Lots of chemical crap in them.

    That being said, I do not subscribe to the reuseable thing or the cloth diaper thing personally, at least at this point. I like disposable. But I think it's a much better option for the environment and your body. Maybe I'll switch someday, we'll see :-)

  22. love your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine! I'm excited to read all about your adventures! And seriously..with the maxi pads? Absolute grossness!

  23. Um, and you were wondering who bought the Snuggie? These trump that anyday! I just couldn't do it, that is one area I'm all for modern progress even if it takes some room in a landfill.

    I got exciting thinking at first those were squirt guns! I'm a gianormous fancy squirt gun fanatic!

  24. I really wish I was open to the idea... just like I really hope I can embrace the concept of reusable diapers when I have babies...

    But currently, that's one thing I'm not ready to recycle.


    At least, the boys have found something to entertain themselves so you can lie on the couch... hopefully they don't take anyone or anything out in the process.

  25. I couldn't ever have used those things...I had too many problems to deal with washing out pads, for crying out loud. But hey, it's gotta be better than the DIVA CUP
    Either way, both sound nasty.

    Of course, I know friends who use the eco-friendly diapers, and I guess that's the same concept...except with a period, it's only a few days a month (except in my case, where it was SEVENTEEN days a month - thank God for hysterectomies!)

  26. "They are just like reusable diapers."

    Exactly! Ewie! I can't wear pads to begin with. Sitting in my own goo? I think not. I love the earth and all, but I'll stick to tampons I can throw away.

  27. I have seen these before too and I am way on board with you - No freaking way!

    I've seen another thing that totally grosses me out - the cup. I've seen it called the Diva Cup or The Keeper.

    If you don't know what it is google it. Yuck!

  28. I think you have to get over the gross-out factor of cloth diapering before you can handle these. I see them mostly on cloth diapering sites.

    I've actually been considering buying a few to try. Really, once you master cloth diapering, it's no big deal. I also don't like the feel of disposable pads. I think I'm sensitive to the chemicals. Tampons have always grossed me out, so I never use them, anyway.

    As for staining, really, who cares if they do? I don't care about stains in my cloth diapers or in my four year old's underwear because no one actually sees them. Now, if you were planning on showing them off, that would be another story....

  29. P.S. I almost bought one of those nerf guns yesterday. I know Wyatt would love to have one.

  30. I saw re-useable tampons on another site...

    I prefer to not think about any of this more than I possibly have to. Hence, disposable for me on all fronts :)


    Those nerf gins are AWESOME. I can see why the boys felt like they were a must have!


  31. I have a huge trunk and a half of Nerf Guns, even the automatic machine gun thing. 2 boys and a husband will do that to you! Love it though, we have the best "gun fights" in the east!
    I am also thankful that I no longer need those reuseable maxi pads... i had my hysterectomy by the age of 37 and I'd never look back! i love packing for vacation and not thinking about the "what if..."! My daughter is only 8 but I know her day will come, still dont' think I'll be using reuseables for her, couldn't even use cloth diapers... no way never!

  32. Seriously??
    Hippies are always up to something.

    PLEASE NOTE: The overnight pad has a special fabric of a night scene..moons and clouds. ha ha ha ha ha..

    On the Nerf Guns..those are B.A.
    We have quite a few of them around our house. I have no kids but I married a 29 year old child. Plus, the cats LOVE, love, love laser pointers :)

  33. That. Is. Utterly. Disgusting.

    ot you shooting -2 in the eye, that's actually midly amusing (seeing as how the damage wasn't permanent, and all), but reusable pads? I think I might vomit. Does anyone have a reusable barf bag I could borrow?

    *gag* I just... *gag* ... can't get over it. *gag*

    I mean, what are you supposed to do with it when you're out? Slide them into a ziploc baggy and take 'em home to wash? That's disgusting!! And there's no way that thing is going in my washing machine. And I SURE as HECK ain't touching the thing to hand-wash it.

    What kind of peace-sign-er, hair-braided, hippie freak came up with this?

    I should probably say "no offense" to anyone that may fall into that category, but I honestly think I am currently too disgusted at the thought to even lie...


  34. PS: You'll never catch me using cloth diapers, either. *shudders*

  35. Who in the heck comes up with this stuff?!?!

  36. I think reuseable sanitary pads fall into the same category as cloth diapers. A big fat NO Thanks you! There is just nothing anyone could say about the environment that would convince me that I need to wash those body fluids in the same washer that I wash my shirts.

  37. This is so disgusting.. I think I just threw up a little in my mouth. Why? Why? Why? Maybe I just don't understand... ICK! That is way to nasty and gross. I can't even use a pad because of the way they make me feel. I can't sit in that. I am so sorry for everyone that uses those.. I feel for ya! You women are stronger than I will ever be!

  38. No. Freakin'. Way. Would I ever use reusable pads. Or disposable for that matter.

  39. Penny's post made me LOL! No for me and DITTO Penny! I get kinda annoyed with the whole "hippie Philosophy" being so forced upon people these days. Geesh! This whole "green" thing annoys the crap out of me! In my opinion it is just a big TREND!! JMO!!


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