Thursday, August 20, 2009

The pregnant cow is mocking me

I am going to be pregnant forever. I'm certain of it. Really. Fooorrreeevvveeerrr.

I'm 38 wks and 2 days and at my appointment today the doctor said it looks like I'll be back for my 39 wk appointment. I actually thought I was going to cry when she said this. Seriously people, I'm that close to my breaking point.

Again this is probably my last pregnancy, I still say maybe more, flyboy says yeah right... with your second husband, so in a way the last few weeks of pregnancy are bitter sweet.

In a way.

In another big way I'm just ready to pop. But it doesn't seem like it's every going to happen and I might just be pregnant and waddle around in this heat forever. Even the knocked up cow who popped a bit ago is smirking at me.

I see her looks and I know she's laughing at my misery right now.

Oh and for those of you who don't remember or are new readers, I'm not being bitchy it really is a pregnant cow, you know bovine, not just someone I'm calling a cow. I'm really not in any position to do that right now.

At least I've lost two pounds and well, since I'm still pregnant I'm going to buy vast quantities of ice cream and make me some rice krispie treats to suck down.

Why? Because I can.

ps. don't forget to go vote for me! that might help to improve my mood and make me slightly less bitchy. Flyboy thanks you in advance.

Oh and I'll be featured on her site on the 26th but don't worry I'll remind yall.


  1. Oh do I ever remember the cow feeling part of pregnancy, you know the point where even your maternity clothes don't fit. it'll be here before you know it, and i'm sure flyboy will cheesin like crazy... and maybe you'll be less bitchy? ha ha... good luck my dear!

  2. Ohh... that doesn't sound so fun at ALL. Yuck yuck. :-(

  3. Lol. It'll be over so soon, though! Cherish the fact that you can scarf down ice cream now and don't have to feel guilty... thats gonna end soon! :)

  4. There is an advantage to that i suppose; the baby could then just walk out...

  5. I really didn't start feeling like a cow until Tuesday when no labor happened! GAH! Now I'm trying to hold out until tomorrow after 5 (or at least when John's test is over).

    I actually wrote my next OB appt on the calendar as "1030, OB, if needed", Dang it if it won't be needed! I'll be 40+3...Thankfully some stuff has started happening. Just the random contractions that are once every hour or 3. I'm hoping when I go in (hoping I make it til then) that he says I'm at a 3 and I can wait til John is done.

  6. You mean the COW had her baby before you?

    Go eat ice cream in front of her to mock her.

    Hey, you don't have long AT ALL to go.

  7. Listen on the bright side of things at least you wont be killed and eaten if you stop reproducing.
    Hang in there you dont have much longer.
    And i voted for you:) can i vote more then once??

  8. Damn that cow for laughing at you. Hopefully at your next appointment they will tell you that you have some dilation!!

  9. I'm sure you'll not be pregnant soon. It'll come out eventually lol.

  10. I'm with Allison, go eat ice cream in front of that cow to mock her.

  11. Although...eating ice cream in front of a cow would be like someone eating frozen breast milk in front of you.

    The rice crispy treats though might work :)

  12. I love the comments above! JLC- It could just walk out haha! Hope you "pop" soon. I have been to a birth (although not my own) so I have chosen to block that memory out and am now convinced that babies just pop out lol


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