Sunday, August 16, 2009

bathroom dilema

Allright. I have something I would like to talk about. The family restroom in stores.

It's funny cause I've read a couple of post in the past month or two where people have, rightly so, taken issue with boys being in the women's room and then in the past few weeks I've been shafted and it's gotten me thinking about this topic.

Well some very smart stores and or rest stops have come up with a BRILLIANT solution. A family restroom. Really this is ingenious.

A very nice sized single restroom where a mom or dad can take their kids in without having to expose little girls to the mens room or little boys to the women's room. They are also easier to navigate a stroller or multiple kids in and usually always have a changing table.

So here's my beef. When I'm standing outside the door, waiting and waiting and waiting and out comes a single person. Holy crap when it's an employee I really get pushed over the edge.

Yes, that's right, I want to discriminate. I don't want you single people using my bathroom.

I know, it probably sounds harsh and honestly, feel free to disagree with me in the comments, I welcome dissent (ahem, polite dissent that is) but hear me out.

Those bathrooms serve a purpose. So I don't have to drag my BOYS in the ladies room, because in case some of you out there aren't aware, not everyone thinks that it's cute to have boys, even little boys in the women's room. I have gotten some shitty glares even though I make them come in the stall with me and or face the corner.

I get it, the family room is usually cleaner and roomier and well, who doesn't like privacy in a public place but come on folks. That's there for little kids who can't hold their pee. I mean you think a pregnant lady needs to go when she needs to go, let me introduce you to a child working on potty training.

The other day I went to a fabulous store, it rhymes with warget, and of course, first stop, the family restroom. But the door was locked. So I dragged the boys in the women's room. The handicap stall, the only stall that fits a very pregnant lady and two kids in it was icky, like wicked icky, and the other stalls well, it wasn't going to happen. I would have had to stand on the stall to get us all to fit and well that wouldn't have made any sense now would it?

And remember there is some bit of a safety issue. It's not the world we grew up in. I'm nervous leaving my kids outside the stall in a public place. Call me a weenie or scardy cat but it only takes a minute and a perv.

So out to the family restroom to wait and wait we did when out popped a 20 something single gal. Really? You couldn't have used a stall in the regular bathroom, plenty were open when I was in there.

Look folks, you don't get it both ways. You don't want my boys in the bathroom but you want to hog the one that we have. And I get waiting, you sometimes have to wait in the regular restroom why shouldn't you have to wait for the family one. Because its for kids darn it! And well, they don't always hold their pee so well. Hence the whole diaper phase. It takes us some time to work out all the kinks.

I know some people without kids think that us people with kids just think the world revolves around us. And well... maybe in this instance I do. Just leave our bathroom alone. k?

You know, I really don't mean to offend anyone. Really I dont and I hope I didn't. I blame the heat.

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  1. Gah, I would have been so peeved. I hope you gave her the stink eye or something similar. In the past, before I had E, I would actually use the men's room if I really had to go before I'd use the family one. That's just wrong. If you don't have kids with you on the way out, you better be white as a sheep and sweaty because you just couldn't hold it anymore.

  2. I really would have said something. I have no qualms about saying things to anyone using the family restroom. I also say things to people who are parked in family or pregnant parking. Really, if more parent spoke up, less people would do it.

  3. family bathrooms are yucko! Not that all restrooms aren't, but I used to work at the mall and all the little high school aged kids used that bathroom to do the freak nasty!! bleghhh.

    You are so welcome for that vivid image!!! I knew you wanted one!

  4. High Heels when i was in high schol they used dressing rooms.

    i totally agree i was in the same store you were in except i think i was here in SI and they have one in the pharmacy department which is nice bc then you dont have to run up to the front of the store. Its also right next to the employee break room or soemthing. So i'm waiting for the bathroom to open and out comes a young woman who then walks into the break room.

    Maybe next time we should say ohh your family is sooooo cute.

    The only other person iw ant to see in one of those bathrooms and is 90 year old woman or man

    OHh one more thing. I'm sure the people who use the family restrooms without familes dont feel bad but i honestly have to say i feel horrible taking my kids into the handicap restroom. Yes its big a roomy and fits us all and i do it when i can but i always feel bad

  5. I'm not even a mom and I will totally give you your bathroom in peace!

  6. So I could rant SO LONG about this but I will try to not. It is wrong for employees to use the family restroom. Period. And if I were you, I'd call and complain so you're not labeled weird but still get the point across. I liked what Brie said about single people using it... I'm totally going to do that. "Aww, your kids are so cute. Is this invisa one and invisa two??"

  7. I have been known to say "when is the REST of your "family" coming out...or are you ALL the family you've got?" Yeah, I'm mean like that, seriously.

    When we were at Disney last month, some lady made her sons go into the restroom with her. I was appalled, even though I've brought MY son in with me. Why? Because my son is just barely FIVE, and these boys were at the MINIMUM, TEN years old...I was venturing closer to TWEENS or even TEENS. AND she took them into the handicapped stall with her. Okay, I get it, you're at Disney and you're worried. But either let them go in the MEN'S room and wait outside, or else get yourself a catheter and bag if you're afraid to leave 2 boys of that age alone for a few minutes. Or find a Disney employee to "please watch my preciousssss babies while I go pee" THAT ticked me off.

  8. I agree completely, I get so frustrated when I am out with my boys 6 (in a few days), 4 and my 1 (also in a few days) year old daughter. The FAMILY restrooms need to be just from families.

  9. Yeah, but be careful about those family restrooms. Some people (sadly, some I know) have taken advantage of the co-ed designation! That just makes me gag.

  10. Umm... I am a 20-something no children gal, and I hate it when people do that, too!! I mean SERIOUSLY! Unless you are a family, you don't use the FAMILY bathroom. And furthermore, unless you are handicapped (which, fyi, you temporarily fall into when you're preggers) don't use the handicapped stall, either!!

    I hate it... and don't let me catch you parking in handicapped or expectant mothers parking spots either, I don't care how many are there... you will NOT like what I have to say, and the fact that I actually might call the cops on you. Hmph!!


    Okay... I think I'm okay, now.

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  12. ha ha..I am sure that was targeted at me. I didn't realize we had a national socialist argument about bathrooms in America.

    I have no issue with the bathroom. I could give a flying if there are kids in the Single Folks bathroom.
    Never really seen a family restroom and/or used one. I guess people want extra privacy or maybe they use it because it's cleaner than the stalls. Also, it's public and doesn't say You must Procreate to utilize this facility.

    I've seen perfectly healthy adults use the handicapp stall. Surely this is violating some code in the grand scheme.

    So for the record, For Mom's and For the entire world:

    It's okay to use the MENS room before the family restroom. Really?
    Wow..because that is so much more polite.

    And be mindful of the age of your child when going into single folks bathrooms. 5 years is okay if you have a male son...10 years, not so much.

    Pregnant women or women with children are excused from using the handicapped stall just because it's bigger....this excuse is always okay.

    Really old folks are allowed to use the family restroom.

    I think I got it straight now.

    Hey mothers...why not make a GIANT list of rules and post it by the loos. Us singles need a little direction you know...

    Since we are singling out singles here (pun intended) I will single out moms: Deal with it and get over yourselves. Someone is ALWAYS gonna use the incorrect bathroom, park in handicap spots and do something that just isn't fair to you and yours. This can be said for singles as well. Such is life.

  13. it wasnt directed at you penny. and may i just add, you crack me up. : )

  14. Eeek! I know what you mean I someitmes wonder what the single people are doing in there. I will say I am guilty though. J and I use them in the airport so we can elt Emmie out to run around for a few minutes from her bag lol.

  15. I'm going to be completely honest with you. If I were at a store and really had to use the bathroom, and the restrooms were single stall and the womans was occupied, I would probably use the family bathroon.

    Having said that, I treat it as as I would a handicap restroom, only using it (ironically, I have never used a Family bathroom) in a dire emergency with first dibs to the handicap person/family.

    I really do think the family restroom is a great idea especially when the parent/child genders are different. Much easier!

  16. I personally do not have a problem with little boys coming in the ladies room with their mommies. It's not like they are running from stall to stall. Atleast every place I've been where lil boys were there weren't. And, I totally agree with you and I don't have kids yet. The "family" restroom should remain "family" ONLY!

  17. I totally agree!! At the commissary and BX here the only stall I can fit in with a stroller is the handicap and most of the time I have to wait while all the other stalls are empty. I guess I could use a regular stall but that would require holding my squirming, screaming daughter under my arm.

    P.S. I voted for you!

  18. I will admit, I've done it before!! But only when the line was horridly long and I thought I was going to wet myself if I didn't go NOW. But, I always make it snappy and don't dawdle :)

  19. YES!! Loooove the family bathroom! The one at IKEA even has a big cushy chair in it. I just want to hide in their with a cup of coffee and an US Weekly magazine...which may have been exactly what your 20 something girl was doing!!! hahaha

  20. lol, dang! I've never considered using the family bathrooms.. simply, because, well, I don't have a family yet! But I definitely won't use them now! haha

  21. I would have been just as pissed. Those restrooms are a life saver.

    Although it REALLY ticks me off when someone locks the handicap stall in the womens restroom and my kid SERIOUSLY needs to be changed. So, I wipe of the counter and change him up there. I have gotten wicked crazy stares, but what's a girl to do?!

  22. I have voted...but I have questions:
    What do you win?
    Can I vote again?
    When is your feature going to be up?

    Sooo many questions... :)
    Good Luck!!!

  23. "Call me a weenie or scardy cat but it only takes a minute and a perv." I know what you mean. This has been the one thing my daughter and I have disagreed on since day one. Tonight she is giving me the silent treatment because I will not let her fly from Virgina to Las Vegas ALONE for the weekend. OMG! You would think after living with me for 16 years she would KNOW that I am not going to give on the ALONE part on a PLANE across the COUNTRY. Even my little talk about terrorist and she is "my only pearl" doesn't get through her head. Oh well. I'm not changing.

    Congrats on your nomination! Love your blog.

  24. Ohmygoodness! I feel the same way! I was at the store the other day waiting on the single bathroom, with a baby in the stroller, and 2 kids, and this lady walked right past me into the family restroom! EXCUSE ME! Grr. :)

  25. So me being the non family girl that I am have to agree with you. If I see a line at the female bathrooms but no line at the family one. I wait. Those are RESERVED for families. Plus I don't want some 3 year old boy peeping into my stall.....

  26. Hmmm...Call me silly but I never even thought about it before. Seeing little boys in the ladies bathrooms that is. I knew they had to go in with their Moms.
    It's a given isn't it?

    ~Blessings my friend, ~Melissa ;)

  27. Okay don't be mad at me but I've used the family bathroom before! Usually I don't, and never if I see someone waiting for it. But it all goes back to my emetophobia... If I'm in a single bathroom, then there is no chance that someone is going to throw up in there!

    I've never ever come out of the family restroom and had someone waiting for me, so I guess I haven't gotten "caught" yet...

    And I will probably continue to occasionally use the family restroom, but ONLY if the area seems deserted and I'm feeling especially paranoid!

  28. Totally not offended.. I would off been really peeved and I hope she felt guilty when she saw you there!

  29. I'm with you 100%. I'm one of those singletons who can't stand the sight of boys (even young ones) in the womens bathroom.

    Because I am so adamant about it, I would never intrude in the family bathroom because it would be hypocritical to do so!

  30. I CONFESS!! I used the family restroom once at a football game with some friends!!! But I'll never do it again. I will always think about the possible Flyboy families in the stadium (and the possible Mrs. Flyboys who might blog about it)!


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