Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I must confess

Sometimes I have tunnel vision. Occasionally I can become a bit worked up over things.

This comes as a big shock doesn't it?

If you all will remember I got flyboy a kick ass amazing father's day gift, because well, he deserved it. A very nifty Garmin GPS watch that does a whole buncha things... apparently....he talks about it but well, I just smile and nod.

I just wanted to get him a kick ass gift, I don't really care what the damn thing does.

So when I bought the thing, which might I add was a tad on the pricey side and he's lucky father's day occurred before the piece of poo saturn that I loved but due to GM going down the tube forced us to buy a new car (a FORD might I add) because the government is so busy bailing out companies and corporations it's screwing the rest of us hard working Americans car crapped out and we had to buy a new one, cause well, I don't know if that toy would have been purchased, it came with a rebate.

And I love me a rebate. But I don't like me the waiting so much.

Well, when I check online it says my rebate should have arrived a few days ago, but alas it has not. And it's little things like this that drive me insane.

Stupid I know. But its part of who I am. And it aint changing anytime soon.

Really I find myself looking in the mailbox with the same anticipation I had when flyboy was at war and I was waiting for mail. This is ridiculous. And it's only $50.

Although I rarely ever say only in regards to any sum of money, shoot I'd be this worked up over 15 bucks, but it's true that it's not some huge sum of money that I can roll around in just for the thrill.

It's time's like these that a few various thoughts run thru my mind, a. why am I sharing my oddness with the world? b. perhaps I need a hobby.... or medication... c.... ohh, is that the mail truck........

**update** the check came, I can now move on to obsessing about something else... let's see.... perhaps on when I'll give birth... or maybe potty training -2... or what to have for dinner.....

So much to choose from.


  1. $50 is a pair of shoes. Or some makeup. Or a good trip to bath and body works. Or a nice dinner with the hubby with a glass of wine or two. Just sayin' I'd be worked up over a 50, too.

    And I'm addicted to that body wash. I'm almost out. Will be buying more very soon.

  2. I do this too. I think we if we expect it we just get anxious when it's not here. :)

    Your comment reminded me to vote...I'm going right now..

  3. I'm all about getting money back or getting me some free money. I'd be out there waiting for the mail truck every day! :)

  4. And for me...a rebate is a challenge of honor. I truly believe that just rather than taking the $$$ off in the first place, they are betting that I will forget or be too daffy to comply with the 15 hoops you jump through to get the rebate in the first place....so they keep your money.

    HAHAHAHA they don't know me well enough....I do a little dancde every time that check comes in....Curse you Red Baron...I win!!!

  5. Nope, I am like this too. $50 is a lot. I was all crazy when we bought our washer/dryer because it came with free detergent and fabric softener for a year! Whoooohooo! Of course this was in the form of coupons that I had to wait two and a half months for. But whoohoo. I think I am so cool when I buy one and hand over the coupon. Haaahaa, sucker, it's free and it is mine!

    ps, my mailman no joke drives a minivan and wears hawaiian shirts and a cowboy hat. so it is even more fun when he pulls in the driveway to give me something.

  6. uhm totally get it!

    and hoping the mail truck arrived with some fat cash :)

  7. Ha ha.... $50 is breathing room, honey! I'd be in worse shape then you... seriously! I'd be calling the place demanding a re-send!! ha ha... for real, though!

  8. $50 is a couple things of diapers for dash 3 wo will be rhere soon enough! i would be throwing a fit and calling people until i had the check in my hands!

  9. I HATE how long it take to get rebate checks! I hate even more when they come in the form of a gift card and you were expecting a check (thank you Verizon). So I totally understand, and right now money is money!

  10. I would be excited to bc then i could get the girls their new shoes fo fall

  11. 3 boys? Me too! Mine are a handful, and that's putting it nicely:)

  12. Just found your blog and LOVE it!! Hilarious! I am married to a Navy helo pilot, and you'd better believe I'd be worked up about the rebate. But the Garmin ROCKS!

  13. Funny, funny girl.

    Can I just say... me too? Because it's true. Tunnel vision and I go a long way back.

    50 dollars is 50 dollars! It matters :)


  14. I obsess about rebates...and ANYTHING that is supposed to come by mail, but doesn't arrive when it was supposed to.

    And I obsess over store ads. It never fails that after I've shopped, most of what I bought comes on sale the next week. I finally decided enough was enough and started bringing in my receipts for "price adjustments"...

  15. Yay for the check arriving and it sucks that you have to wait.. Currently I'm waiting for my text books to arrive for my new class so I'm mega excited and check it constantly!


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