Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy to just be

For all the things I know I need to work on to be a better person, for all the shortcomings that flyboy and I have, we have one thing working to our advantage... we're pretty darn content people being just us.

We don't have much desire to keep up with the Jones. I'm not sure if its part laziness or the fact that life keeps us busy enough, but at the end of the day we rarely ever think or care about what other people have that we don't.

In the interest of keeping it real as I vowed the other day to do let me share some of these tidbits with you, some may shock you.

We do not own a wicked cool big ass flat screen that you can hang on the wall. We do however have some tv's that when I use the term big ass to describe them I mean in the sense that they weigh a ton and take up a lot of space. The youngest tv we own is 6 years old and the largest screen is like 27 inches.

My car does not have power locks and windows. Really. I'm serious.

Stop the laughing out there.

Seriously, no power locks or windows. And its not that old only a 2003 but it was thousands of dollars cheaper when we picked it up, used of course. And you know what, it doesn't really bother me. Again I'm serious. My power windows used to go out all the time in my last car and it drove me to drink, my arms are much more reliable.

And it was totally worth it when we valeted once and the guy spent five minutes looking for the button to unlock all the doors. Really that was priceless.

Flyboy and I sleep in a double bed. The same double bed he had before we were married. Six and a half years ago. Yeah. This one I'm not as thrilled about.

We keep talking about getting a pricey sleep number bed (we live in an old farmhouse and nothing larger then a double will fit up the stairs that and well, I've always wanted a sleep number) but whenever we start looking and get ready to hit the purchase button...we freeze. Our bed is good enough. And honestly, most of the time its just me in it.

And to be on the up and up here, flyboy did say that he thinks he's going to bite the bullet and finally order me a nice, new, big bed, especially since I'm becoming a beach whale and our kids are starting to push us out of bed in the morning when they climb in with us. And since we are paying off the above mentioned car with no locks, it wont be as painful.

Please don't think I'm saying that there is anything wrong with having nice things or splurging on yourself or your kids from time to time. We hardly live in squalor afraid to buy nice things. We just don't feel the need to always be keeping up with someone else.

I know this girl, I've mentioned her before on this space, her husband served with mine when we first moved up here and then thankfully he got out and took her back to her home state. Far, far, far away from here. (Proof there is a God)

She had to compete with everyone about everything. And would make comments about what you had that she didn't feel was up to snuff. Our apartment, our car, hell, my husband's rank at one point. When we had babies around the same time, I registered at Target.... she registered at Pottery Barn.

And hey there is NOTHING wrong with wanting to register at Pottery Barn, but really must you then say, "Oh target..." like that?

When we saw them last year when they were in town, really it was totally against my will, it was a bbq with people from flyboy's work so I didn't have much say in not going, she kept making comments about how much her husband now makes.

And you can bet your ass she spends every cent of it and then some.

I think one of the most important thing in life is to be content with what you have. I don't think that being content means that you aren't a hard worker, its just that you understand where you are at the moment is where you must find happiness.

Happiness isn't a flat screen tv or a giant California king, that's just stuff, and stuff can't make you happy. Especially if its stuff you can't afford. Just look at where that's gotten a lot of people.


  1. I love this post. It's true. It's not about what you don't have. It's all about what you do have. Before i got my new car (which I worked my butt off for) my old car didn't have power locks or windows and didn't have AC. BUT at least it was a mode of transportation.....

  2. I really love this post... and I really wish my mom would learn to be content. She doesn't live in squalor but she also doesn't have everything she wants. She always talks about the size of other people's homes and whatnot. Drives me up a wall! As for the car... glad I'm not the only one still doing all the work manually! :) I'm still driving my first car... got it when I was 15 (now 23). It's 17 years old... and still running (though not always gracefully)! :)

  3. I really enjoy this post. If you're happy and the hubs and family is happy, that's all that should matter :) Memories and experiences as a family never fall apart or get tossed out like stuff eventually does.

  4. Way to keep it real!!

    Seriously no power locks though?! Ouch, I'd def fail. Then again I suck at life. :)

  5. So true! At least your car has AC, that would be crazy if it didn't. ?Mine's a 2003 also (and I'm quite proud that it only has 50k miles on it) And we talked about a sleep number bed at one point, but we decided since my husband likes to sleep on my side anyway, it would be pointless. We had a double bed until last year too...and we've been married 6 years today!

  6. you go girl! i feel the SAME way! and...i love target!

  7. I know a bunch of people that need to read this post!!!

  8. You get a thumbs up for keeping it real. Stuff comparison just always seemed to me to be something people do when they feel they can't compare with how people are on the inside.

    Are we thinking on the same wavelength? 'Cuz I said a similar thing on my blog today.

  9. I often have similar thoughts. When anyone gives me grief about the fact that we still only own one car and live in a two bedroom when we could move up, I think about how we are saving half of Oliver's base pay and smile and nod. Doing that is what is going to make it possible to get out of the Navy. I know so many people who just feel trapped by the military because they haven't been smart and lived small.

  10. This is a wonderful post and my husband and I were just talking about this last night. Stuff doesn't make people happy. It can be hard to remember in our society sometimes. I'm glad you can keep it there for your family. Thanks for the comment too! :)

  11. Such true statements in there! However, that king sized bed is reallllllly nice:p Robert and I bought one the week before your wedding but really just because his was crapping out and not very comfortable. Also, his parents had bought us an entire bedroom suite and the bed was for a king...I LOVE out mattress! I hate getting out of the bed in the mornings:p Maybe not a good thing but still...Lol...Glad you both are content because thats the best way to be:)

  12. I found your blog searching "marine wives" and read just about every post, first thinking very good writter...second man this chick reminds me of me! I love your posts they are very real and very relateable. And I absolutely understand what you're saying. I have what I have because I (or me and my family) want to have it, not because someone else has it or likes it. I have dealt with this on both sides though. I have a friend who buys crap just because someone else buys crap...seriously! I have a friend that if you buy or do "this" or "that" and she has that (rather you know or not and even if it's not really the same) well she started that "trend" and you bought it to be like her. Either side drives me nuts! Love 'em dearly though.....
    I am totally blogging due to your blog...I'll post in there you started my vent ;) Have a great and safe Memorial day weekend!

  13. We got a king size bed when I was pregnant with #4 and I needed my SPACE. But now I think it's too big...

    Sometimes I want to keep up with those Jones's but mostly I don't care.

  14. I thought I was the only one with no power locks or windows! I love my car! I have a 2003 also.. I think it was like 3,000 cheaper than the one with all the cool gadgets that came with it. I am actually registered at Target right now! I love that store! I guess we live in the stone age because we dont have a cool huge TV either! I dont see the point in spending 2,000 bucks on something to hang on the wall and look pretty, maybe we are tight wads! Anywho there is nothing wrong with how you are living! I love that there are people in this world that live like we do!

  15. I don't think you have to compete with others. I just think you have to do what's best for you and your family. If you want to put yourself broke and in Chapter 11 having all the things you can't afford then more power to you. If you can afford it, good for you for working you butt off for what you want. And if you are content with whatever it is that makes you happy, AMEN!

  16. Our TV's have tiny screens, too. Now that I'm getting older, tho', I'm thinking a slighter bigger screen might not be such a bad idea. I think our TV in the family room might be a 19", but I'd have to measure to be sure.

    And we've always had a queen size bed (Stretch won't fit in a double) despite the fact that Stretch has to go catty-corner to fit which doesn't leave me much room.

    But you're absolutely right. It's not the "stuff" that matters. Besides, as much as we move, it'd probably just break between moves anyway!

  17. So true! Husband and I were planning on getting a king sized bed, but we realized that we were both content with our queen.

    And both of our cars are about 10 years old! But why buy a new one when they work??

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  19. Amen! I couldn't have said it better myself! J and I discuss this all the time.

    We're still rocking the old school, 20-something inch, SQUARE *gasp*, big as a coffee table TV too ;) We have to jiggle the connection jacks in front to get the picture to come on when we power it up. Hence the reason we always have a pair of pliers on top of our entertainment center. Plus it's so blurry now that you cant really read text on it. You cant read the scrolling Tv guide channel thing at all. We just laugh about it. The day I spend the same amount of cash upgrading our television as it cost us to buy our last car will be the day you can commit me to the loony bin. When the tube on this one finally blows we just wont have TV anymore. TV rots your brain anyway, haha.

    Our minivan had power windows, but they haven't worked for 3 years. We always have to open the entire door to show our ID to get back on base. The cops really love that! Minor inconvenience though- not worth the $600 to fix it! Funny story, when I was visiting home last month I attended a baby shower for a high school friend. I hadn't seen her in 10 years and I hadn't seen many of the guests in about that long too. The Mommy to be told me as I was leaving that day that everyone had gathered around the front windows when I pulled up and went bonkers about who the heck could possibly be pulling up in an 8 year old minivan. They seriously made fun of me about it. The rest of the driveway was filled with brand new SUVs of course. Oh yes, and a BMW....But guess what? My dorky minivan is paid off! We are debt free! So there! Make fun all you like, I'm secretly laughing at all of you behind your backs :P lol

    I'm with you- Some things I'm willing to spend $ on to treat ourselves, but never to the point where we're spending money that hasn't even been earned yet!

    One more thing and I'll be done dominating your comment area for the day...I have a "friend" that would get along famously with your "friend". We should hook them up so they can try to out-do each other until one of them explodes. About a year ago she moved into a rent-to-own house and announced to me that she "hoped for our sake that we would buy a house soon because your real adult life doesn't start until you own your own house"! Tell me that wasn't passive aggressively snotty...Ironically, she doesn't even live in her rent-to-own anymore because they couldn't afford to pay the rent and utilities through the winter and they got evicted! Sometimes you don't even need to say a word- life has it's own way of doling out sweet justice ;)

  20. I'm with you on the full size bed. We dont need any bigger we sleep right next to eachother anyway.
    The power door locks i dont think i could live without.
    I get things bc i like them not because everyone else has one.

    PS i just got back from florida and i have a lot of catching up to do


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