Thursday, May 28, 2009

rules of the game

I got to talk to my dear flyboy some online last night. He's on an odd trip and so connecting has been sketchy at best. I should have known something was up when I saw him pop online.

Murphy has had it out for me since flyboy left, why would he throw me a bone now?

Here's what's bothering me about our conversation, he started it with there is good news and bad news.

I'm going to have to be sketchy so excuse me. Good news was that they took off for their next place, bad news they turned around. And what bothers me? You know besides him not coming home on time and not even knowing when he will be home, well yes, that does bother me, but what bothers me more is his lack of understanding about the good news/bad news game.

That's just bad news/bad news. And I realize the news could be far worse but still that's not really good news/bad news, doesn't he know how to play the game?

There are rules dammit. Rules to be followed, give the person some good news and then slip the bad news in there. Or if they so pick, deliver the bad news and then reward them with the good news.

In case you get on here to read this flyboy let me demonstrate this for you, bad news we wont be back on time, and we don't know when we will be back, its totally out of my hands, HOWEVER (and this is a key part of the good news bad news game) I made an appointment for you to get a pedicure and arranged a babysitter. Which I realize is totally impossible for him to do from where he is and what his schedule is, I'm just saying.

That is good news bad news. That is how the game is played.

He tried to make me feel better by saying they decided not to land on a small island filled with head hunters. Still, after the past two weeks around here I needed a little more then that to qualify as good news for not coming home on time.

I know very selfish of me, sue me I'm tired. Dash-2 has been sleeping crappy at best. The past few nights he's been up off and on all night. Really last night it was 11:30, 2, 2:48, 3:34, 5, 5:58 and then up for good at 7:20. I'm just amazed he made it all the way to 7:20.

But mama would like too sleep some and a break. But it looks like that's just going to be put on hold a little while longer till my better half comes home to the rescue. I will survive. I will survive, I will survive.... don't mind me I'm just saying my mantra over here and rocking back and forth.....

oh and by the way, you know I'd probably be a happy person right now if I had a sleep number bed. sigh. Allright I'm gonna let that one go now.


  1. Yea, he's totally not playing the game right.

    Sleep Number, do you hear that???

  2. Even when you're disappointed and slightly frayed (and who wouldn't be!), you still make me laugh:

    He tried to make me feel better by saying they decided not to land on a small island filled with head hunters.Really, how come you're not jumping for joy?

  3. You do realize that while he does have an important job, etc, he probably couldn't hack what you do day in and day out? Hang in there. And when he comes home, run away for a day (or an afternoon), and go get that pedicure without any members of your posse!

  4. LOL... he totally needs to sit in on this lesson! I love your example. Gosh, I so need a pedicure...

  5. it's unfortunate though. I hardly enjoy pedicures because I spend the first half dreading the point in time when they bust out the scrubby thing, and then I spend the rest of the time trying not to kick the person doing the pedicure in the face, LOL.

  6. I will admit that there are times I wish the hubby would just NOT call at all!! It seems whatever the news/schedule is, it really ISN"T, so just leave me out of it until he calls from the airport or pier needing a ride home, LOL! And, I hate to add fuel to your fire, but I have had a sleep number bed since 1997 and LOVE IT :) :)

  7. Oh goodness... flyboy really DOES need this lesson! Hang in there! Hopefully there won't be any more Murphy anytime soon!

  8. Yeah, that is definitely not how you play the game. I think you should create some good news of your own...hire a babysitter and go get a pedicure!

  9. I guess a lesson in good news/bad news will happen when he comes back. You should arrange a babysitter for yourself and go get a pedicure AND a manicure.

    When he said that about the head hunters did you ask "Yeah, but what's in it for ME?" Cause that'd be funny.

  10. Select comfort sleep number comfort sleep number comfort sleep number bed. Gosh, if you gave one to a deserving mom, wife, military family, I bet that maybe some of her blog readers might think you were really super cool and consider buying one becuase of warm fuzzies and sheer number of times they see the name.

    I dunno, thought I'd do what I could to draw some attention?

    I'm confused, I'm still waiting to find out the good news. Oh, you too? ;-)

  11. sorry hubby doesn't understand the rules - thank goodness our husbands have us to help them :)

    and second - i love that you know to the minute what time he was up! i do that all the time when beans wakes up - i notice the time to the minute and can remember it all day long!

    hoping sleep finds you tonight!

  12. I think you should keep on talking about the bed, just because it's hilarious. hehehe

    Perhaps even a blog title change might be in order? :-p

    Hope you can get some rest soon lady!

  13. I feel your frustration...very much so.

  14. Ha! You are so funny! I am so with you on this. I love my husband. Even adore my husband. But being home with sick kids stinks worse than a crappy diaper! And I need my sleep! All 8 (okay, I'd have settled for 5) hours! Ha! :D Love the manicure/babysitter trade off... too bad they can't put that on the AAFES (NEX?) website for out of town hubbies to buy... :D

  15. I'm totally diggin' you on that good news/bad news thing. Stonewall and I had to have a similar chat a few weeks into his deployment. He's getting better at it. Perhaps we should have another chat so I can throw in the whole "I made an appointment for you to get a pedicure and arranged a babysitter."


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