Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy day of mothers

Today is the one day a year that mom's can be lazy.  Sit back, relax, let someone else pick up the slack.  Or something like that.  

You know the saying "being a mom is a 24/7 job"... well who ever coined that one was a. obviously a mom, b. obviously very very right, and c. left out a few hours.  Around these parts motherhood seems like a 28 hour a day job.  And I mean that with full love and affection towards my children.

Being a mom isn't an easy job.  It's not always filled with the respect and thanks that we deserve.  There are times that it's easy to feel unappreciated and more like the kiddies work horse then the mom.

And by the by, it can be really gross.  I mean REALLY gross.  Vomit, explosive poop, spit up, snot flying across the room and hitting you in the face, pre chewed food are pretty much par for course.  

But I wouldn't trade any of it for anything in the world. 

Ok maybe potty training.  That would be great if you could send the kiddos somewhere and they came back potty trained and accident free.  

Motherhood is a journey.  An adventure that is filled with ups and downs, twist and turns.  The highest of highs and the lowest of lows. 

There are no earned vacation days and no bonus pay.  But how many jobs do you get to be responsible for raising and shaping a human being?  

When I die I know there wont be any monuments erected in honor of me.  I haven't tended to the wounded on the battlefields like Molly Pitcher (she not only has a couple of monuments she has her own Jersey rest stop), I haven't shaped our country or discovered some new medical procedure.  But I will, hope among hopes, leave a great legacy to the world with my children.  

My mother poured her heart and soul into raising her kids.  She yelled, she embarrassed us (by far her best parenting tactic, I cant wait till my kids are embarrassed by me), but more then anything she taught us well.

She taught us to find humor in life, to treat others with kindness, she taught us to not just get something done but to do it right the first time.  Perfection was not necessary but doing something to the best of your abilities was.  While we were growing up she didn't prescribe to the be friends with your kids way of thinking, her job was to be our mother.  And what a job that was. 

Now that I am a mom I see a lot of her in how I raise my kids.  Her mothering legacy will be passed on thru me to my kids and hopefully they will pass it on to their kids.  That's how motherhood works.  We pass the best and sometimes the not so best, on to our kids.  We try our hardest to figure it out as we go along, to remember to enjoy the little moments, the hugs and kisses, the thank yous and I love yous, all important to remember in the not so glorious moment.  

Happy mother's day!

ps. I will pick the winner of the drawing tonight. It always takes me a bit of time to sort thru and get everything together... I'm slow what can I say. 


  1. Happy Mothers Day! I'm sure once your kids are older they will tell you exactly how much they appreciate everything you do for them!

  2. Happy Mama Day!!!

    Hope you and the boys do something special!

  3. This was such a sweet post! Happy Mother's day to you :)

  4. oh my gosh! i totallt have chills and tears in my eyes! that was beautiful!!! i find that its the same for me i raise them how i remeber my mom being. hertraditions are my traditions now. its amazing!! Happy mothers day to you and your mom!

  5. Happy Mothers Day. I hope to one day be able to put my mom's good example to work for my own kids too.

  6. This was such a lovely post! I think the same about my mom and her raising me.

    Hope your Mother's Day is great!

  7. Happy mother's day to you! :)

  8. Happy Mothers Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your one of the best moms i know

  9. Sweet post. And happy mother's day to you!

  10. I so second your potty training comment.

  11. so true & very well put!!!

  12. Aww this was a cute post! Despite all the gross stuff involved, I can't wait to join the ranks of mothers. Hope your Mother's Day was the best!

  13. hope you had a good mothers day!! Are you not going to be doing the pregnancy photographs like the other ladies?? Or are you too hot and dont want to make the other girls feel bad?


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