Sunday, May 17, 2009

Names and things to be thankful for

We're still in a bit of a hold out on agreeing with a baby name, flyboy is still sticking by Seamus and has now added Piermont as his middle name. Give that we had some 22 hours in the car with the boys we figured we'd get their opinions of names.

Yeah... ummm... what they brought to the table was about as viable as flyboy's pick. Dash -2 selected Diego. I have nothing against that name, its just that my kids are blonde hair, blue eyed, Irish kids, and Diego while it is a great name, wouldn't fit so well.

Nor would his other choice, Lightening McQueen. Can you tell what he's into lately?

Dash-1 on the other hand suggested, Whatcha-ma-call-it. Then he actually sided with his father on the whole Seamus Piermont name. I think he just realized that he was annoying me and found it amusing.

So it has been decided. The boys will have no say in the name of this child.

In other news it's been just another weekend around here. Saturday was spent at the ER with dash-1 due to asthma and a fever. Not to worry he's all healed, breathing a ok and he hasn't stopped talking since he woke up.

Literally, I heard him before I saw him this morning and it hasn't stopped. But he's feeling better and that's all that matters. Though why do these things always creep up on the weekend and thus require an ER visit rather then just a trip to the doctors?

And just as exciting, it would appear that we have a dead mouse somewhere in the kitchen. (We live in the country, in an old farm house, mice come with the territory. Lucky me.) I'm thinking behind the dishwasher. Flyboy, luckily, is in town and has promised to find it before he leaves in a few days. And trust me. I'm holding him to it.

My kids are healthy and my husband has promised to search and retrieve a dead mouse with absolutely NO assistance from me.

That my friends, is a lot to be thankful for.


  1. Boo to the dead mouse, but soooo happy Flyboy is there to retrieve it for you! As for the name... what is it with our men and funny baby names. Scott (partly joking) decided he wanted to name our boy (if/when we have one) Bruno Ajax. Maybe Seamus and Bruno can be friends?

  2. I vote for Lightning McQueen!!!

    Just kidding! :)

  3. That post brought back good memories of our kids helping out with the naming. We let them pick the womb name, meaning they could call the baby whatever they wanted before they were born. When the babe finally arrived....Mommy and Daddy got to pick the forever name, thanks goodness.

    You are seriously out numbered in the girl poor thing. :) I am excited to hear about the name YOU pick out.

  4. Luckily so far E and I have agreed on future baby names for the most part!

    Good luck finding that dead mouse!

  5. hahahaha! I laughed so hard with the suggestion of whatcha ma call it.

    I love the name Wheaton for a baby. Trust me everyone I know hates it, but I love it!

  6. We've finally picked a name but are choosing not to reveal it to anyone because of the feedback we'd gotten so far. You might have to stick a seamus in there for a middle name if he's sticking that strongly to it and hunting down rotting rodents. What about Sean? That's a good irish name.

    Good luck with the continual banter of naming.

  7. How do you know that you have a dead mouse? Is there a smell? eek!

    With Seamus and Piermont, it sounds like you guys are obsessed with water/ocean/lakes -- sea.. and pier.. :) Just a thought! :)

  8. I like seamus not peirmont.
    Sux about the mouse how do you know its there??

  9. I digg the boys' names. haha =]

    You could name the baby Lightning Seamus....

    Errr not.

  10. Well, what about Hudson Hornet or Doc Hudson as a compromise? :-p

    Hopefully you have enough months left in this pregnancy to come up with another great Irish name that flyboy can agree on. From my experience, it's never good to have a first name that nobody can pronounce or spell properly - I still have nightmares about the first day of school anxiety I had as a kid dealing with that first-day role call.

    I am now officially thankful for the random cockroaches and scary spiders I have been finding in my house - dead mouse beats that for sure! If Flyboy wasn't home, would you be able to get your landlord to get someone in there to find it? **shudder** I am sooo grossed out just thinking about it...

  11. Wow... I say all boys lose their ability to select a name! ha ha ha

    Between you and I, It's really not THAT awful... but don't worry - I'd never tell that to Flyboy! ;-)

  12. Thought you might enjoy this post on my blog today about romance for military couples!

  13. Ugh to the dead mouse! I had one under my stove the other week. So not fun digging that out, so I'm glad Flyboy is there to get it for you.

    Good luck with the name. I used my favorite boy name on my child, so unfortunately I'm out of boy name suggestions. We're only having girls from here on out. DO YOU HEAR THAT STONEWALL?!?!

  14. So glad Dash-1 is ok and feeling better. That dear hubby of yours best locate and remove the offending dead mouse asap. No name is agreed on at this end either. I think I've come to accept that my son will not have a name until he makes his arrival and we get a good look at him. Then, if we still don't agree, I'm fighting for the rights to *my* choice since I'll be the one who had to do all the work. ;) LOL

  15. Hooray for husbands that hunt for dead mice. Although I will loan you Toby if we ever get him back to NY. He'd looove to chase him some meeses.

    I told Greg what flyboy wants to name dash-3 and he started yelling, "Oh no, please no" and now he keeps saying Seamus Piermont over and over while shaking his head.

    And remember, they give you the birth certificate paperwork, so you can always blame it on the medication/exhaustion/sleep deprivation/hunger of birthing the baby.

  16. Ahhh flyboy and the dead mice! Thank goodness for him. I am glad to hear dash-1 is feeling better and IMO none of the males in your house should get a say in naming this new child. I am sorry flyboy, please don't hate me!

    Thank you for your sweet compliment comment on my most recent blog!


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