Thursday, May 28, 2009

no cute title... damn

Blog marketing never ceases to amaze me. I never cease to be amazed who stumbles on my page from where. Random comments and marketing stuff just comes with the territory I suppose.

I got a comment on a post I wrote a couple of days ago. The one about being content and all, the comment was from someone who works for select comfort talking up their beds. Something tells me she's not a regular reader to my page, quoting my title as the wrong title was a start, but that her job is to find where her companies name pops up.

And the linking of her companies website, not once but twice was another hint that this was their form of free advertising.

Hey I got nothing against plugging products, I use stuff, read stuff, find stuff I like, I write about it. I mean I write about what I know and that kinda stuff. But I must say, getting free advertisement on my space kinda annoys me.

But good news select comfort people, I really like your beds, my parents have one and it rocks, I'll write you the most kick ass blog post you've ever read.... if you send me a bed or a coupon to go towards one. Really I will post pictures of my beautiful bed, I will make sure the boys are wearing your company logo, hell I'll make them wear the company logo in our Christmas picture.

Really. I swear. Word up to all you companies out there, I can be bought.

And as any good mom would do I've passed that trait on to my kids too.


  1. I don't have a green thumb either. Rob takes care of the plants. :)

    Do you have Facebook, btw?

  2. HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAA! i cant stop laughing! your freaking awesome1 you're easily my funniest bloggie friend!

  3. I get random comments like that that are actually promotions ... or worse yet.. promotions for other people's blogs!

    They'll link themselves. dude, i am not a billboard!!

    And you're funny lady! :)

  4. I hear ya. I'm also not against promoting something I like. I use stuff. But I've never gotten money from it... except promoting my own business but that's my own business not someone else. I hope they send you a free mattress. But since that's unlikely to happen, I hope you get other random free stuff.

  5. those ad people think they are sooo clever don't they :)

    can't wait to see your new "free" bed!

  6. hahahaha, dude, you crack me up. I hope that you've not only passed on that trait to your kids, but also your sense of humor! (although, I hear that can come back to bite you when they turn into teenage monsters!)

  7. Love it!

    ME TOO **waves hands in the air***

    I can be bought too!!

  8. LOL! I can always tell when people are just skimming through blogs and leaving random comments on them. They always say something like, "Hey, your blog is so fabulously wonderful! So is mine! Come visit my blog and link me on yours!"

  9. Personally, if The Mrs. had a sleep number bed, I know that I would run out and buy one too.

    But that's the only way I would buy one. If their company proves that they are giving and caring people by helping to provide a comfortable bed to a soon-to-be mother of 3 and wife of a man who fights for our country.

    (just trying to help you out)


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