Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Family photos

I got an email from my father the other morning. The email was just a link (click here) and you people MUST go look at it.

It's like cake wrecks for family pictures. And look thru all the pages if you get a chance, their aren't too many and trust me. It's worth it. There is one family photo of a group wearing very "odd" outfits that just doesn't make sense on any level. You'll know it when you see it.

Again... trust me.

It's hilarious and quite appropriately timed if I may say so. Flyboy and I were just having the discussion about our Christmas picture. I know I know its only May but still these things take time and planning.

Every year I try for a really nice picture of us all. Together. Is that so much to ask?

What can I say, I like to show off my family once a year, especially to a really bitchy gal I know who once insinuate I was fat and she now weighs like 200 pounds more then me. No lie, hers is the first card I address every year since losing weight.

I know I wish I was a better person then that but well... I'm not.

But yet every year getting the family picture taken is painful. And as the boys get older its getting more painful. Dammit their will is getting stronger and stronger every year. And my dear flyboy is little help. In fact he's just as much a pain in my ass when it comes to the picture.

Every year he puts it off so that we have such a small window to get it done that inevitably everyone is cranky. And then we have always tried to do it ourselves so its an endless juggling of running back and forth to tame everyone, set the timer, adjust the camera, tweak this tweak that.

This year we have decided that despite our cheapness we are paying for a photographer. Whether we just go to picture pe0ple or we really spring and get a photographer to come out to the house and take pictures of us on the farm is yet to be decided. I'm sure the boys wont like it anymore but at least then we don't have to hassle with the camera stuff. Besides with three, they outnumber us. And why not pay a photographer and share the suffering?

That and flyboy really had a look of fear in his eyes when I even brought up the taking of the family picture. I just don't think he has it in him to do another year.

But thankfully the link from my father was a perfect example of what NOT to do in our family picture.

Oh and proof of how the whole family picture thing usually goes down, I tried to get a nice shot of the boys and I after dinner on mothers day...

and a few outtakes of the Christmas card fiasco. Again flyboy was in the really good ones where everyone is squirming and screaming. Ah Christmas memories....


  1. Your boys are freakin adorable!!!

  2. Loved the comment about the critical-but-now-fat gal. Ah, sweet revenge - it's so wrong, but feels so good. There was a chick I worked with who made me crazy, and I made myself feel better by having better skin than her. lol

    You have the same hair I did before mine grew out - fun! :)

    I say *yay* for professionals. Go for a really pretty, smiley female photographer who will be able to get all the boys to succumb to her charms.

    Also, does bribery ever work? :-p

  3. Ah, sweet sweet revenge. That really cracked me up... I'll keep in mind this family picture choas. A professional will probably help. If all else fails I guess you could drug them all, lay them next to each other, then digitally change it so their eyes are open. (just kidding) Bribery does sound like a great idea, though.

  4. Oh my - that photo blog is funny! LOL I can only imagine the adventures I will soon have on my hands. It's hard enough to get a decent photo of just DH & me.

  5. Umm... I am still stuck wide-eyed and embarrassed on page 4 of the awkward family photos. You know... the one about half-way down?

    Oh. My. Gosh.

    Am I the only one that saw that one?? I just can't get over the fact that the little girl is ... playing with it! And he's what, showing it to her? I'm just mortified at the thought of it. Well, at the entire picture, really.

    WHAT is WRONG with people? Who thought that'd be a good idea? Who would spend money on those outfits? WHERE does one BY such hideous things???

    Just... WHY?!?!

  6. I don't think I could ever thank you enough for that site link. Literally hours of fun. I heart you.

  7. i was SO BORED at work but since you so nicely posted that link, i'm looking like a cheerful book keeper as i smile to myself :]] tee hee

    plus i've never seen a picture of you! you're super cute even with two very unhappy boys on your lap :] good luck with the picture thing!

  8. I can't wait to go look through the rest of the pages of those pictures! Too funny!

    And your boys are too cute!

    If I ever get down that way I'd take pictures for you guys! And I wouldn't want any money. I just need to get my butt down there sometime.

  9. hahahah you freakin rock! its too bad we didnt live say neighbors! we'd get along perfectly( and it sounds like our husbands would too, except for the whole, ya know, Army vs. Marine thang.LOL)Good luck with pictures. keep trying and dont give up...its sooo worth the wait when you finally get will happen sooner or later! LOL!

  10. THat was great i saved it to my tool bar i'm gunna show water boy and check it often

    I dont know what to think about that one picture its just not right

  11. Hahahaha, I am dying about the fat girl comment! To die for.

    And how cute is that last picture? Dash-2 looks terrified!

  12. that site is awesome!!

    and the boys couldn't be any cuter!!

  13. Oh these pics are great! I have to fight to get my kids to leave the camera alone! I always find random pics of the chair or the floor.... IT is just weird sometimes.

    You have beautiful kids and you are looking great too!!!

  14. I know I'm saying it agian, but the fat girl comment was hilerious! I was out here in the living room trying to be quite while the huby slepted but that went out the window the minute I read it and let out this high pitched sqwuak! LMAO!

  15. Oh my GOSH girl, you're killing me here. I'm trying not to laugh super loudly, but that website is freaking hilarious! THEN I move on to the picture from mothers day, and they look so... miserable. You just got my funny bone, I guess. As always, thank you for crackin' me up!

  16. Oh my goodness, those are priceless pictures! I love the last one, too cute for words!!!

  17. Hahah! That last pic is freakin' ADORABLE!!! The expressions are priceless.

    PS Umm how do you have such nice shiny hair all while raising these rambunctious kiddos??

  18. That web site was a riot! Thanks for sharing!

  19. ha ha ha..I like the first one!
    You are like: "wtf?"
    ha ha. So cute!


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