Monday, May 25, 2009


Today is not just about a day off from work, bbq's, or great sales at the mall.

It's a day to STOP and to take PAUSE.

To remember those who have died, far away from those who loved them in foreign lands and here on our soil. To remember people who left this life early, who left behind mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, wives and husbands who loved them.

This is a day to remember that our freedoms come at a very high cost.

Today is a day to remember, with gratitude in our hearts, those who have paid that very, very high cost.

So enjoy your day. Spend it with friends and family, laugh, smile, and enjoy being free, but remember those who have laid down their lives for that freedom.


  1. what I find amazing is that, with all the blogs I have read today, it is all milspouse blogs that put the same thing in...that's it's not about the BBQ's, day off, parties, etc...but about REMEMBERING...

  2. I am definitely taking my moment of pause today...Have a beautiful Memorial Day:)

  3. this is a day for remembering, all gave some, some gave all.

  4. I got the cemetery idea from you and the pay it forward post.

    I mentioned it to a friend today that I was stopping to pick up flowers and she said "Why? You do not know anyone here" (we have only lived her 3 months) And I told her my intentions we to visit the graves of servicemen who did not have flowers yet.

    She took her son out to do it too! He is only 9 months old right now but she loves the idea and is going to start doing it too.

    I am very thankful to our service men and women.

  5. This is great. Happy Memorial Day and thanks to you and Flyboy for your service.

    My email, btw (from the last post), is

  6. Too easily the real reason behind this day is forgotten. Beautiful photo and very well written post.


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