Wednesday, May 27, 2009

toys, the crapper, field trips, and alpha moms

I bought it.

The toy is purchased, the money, I think, well spent. Now I just have to fight the urge to give it to him early. I'm just so excited about his reaction, seldom do I get a really kick ass gift for him that when I do I just want to give it to him.

He is plagued by this same problem, by the way. In fact far worse. Last December he got me an anniversary ring and came home and gave it to me right away.

While I was on the crapper

That was a touching moment.

Dammit I started this post with something else in mind and now that I've gotten that out of the way I cant remember it.

Oh yeah, this ties in so follow with me. Dash-1 has a field trip coming up and not to sound like a horrible mom but I don't wanna go.

There I said it, I should file this post under "being an honest mom" or "keeping it real". I love my sons, I take them everywhere with me, really, I've taken them to a three hour pre-op work up appointment before which in my opinion is the big time for a mom to drag her kids too. The point, I can take 'em anywhere, nothing phases me.

I just don't wanna go.

It's to the local children's museum that we are members of so I have taken the kids there before. I just don't want to deal with chasing dash-2 and keeping dash-1 in check with all the other class kids and dealing with the other parents.

I'll be the first to admit, I'm not in the nursery school mommy cliche. I get along with a few of the moms, we talk in passing and have had a few play dates. But I'm clearly not in the mommy cliche.

I didn't go to high school with them like most did, I don't know them because of who their families are, because well I don't know who anyone is around here, and well, I'm usually run a little ragged because well, my husband doesn't come home every night.

Oh and I'm not willing to kiss the alpha mom's ass. News to all you new moms out there, mommyhood is like high school. There is always an alpha mom. And well I'm too tired and stubborn to kiss any ones ass.

Part of me is bothered by it and part of me could care less.

So my ramble.... I need to make a doctors apt for that week, how funny would it be to schedule my appointment the same day as his field trip and make flyboy take both boys solo on the trip.

HA! I love my husband but I'm going to out him and keep him real, he does NOT take both boys out solo. EVER.

I'd probably have to buy him every add on for the toy I got if I did that to him. But it'd almost be worth it. I'd PAY to see that. And good money too.

Truth be told I probably will see if he can come with us. And he's a good guy like that, if he's home and he's able he's usually always up for it. And when he's with me I know I'll have someone to talk to and sit with at lunch. I might not be part of the mommy cliche but I have a pretty sweet posse of my own.

But I still think it would be funny to send him solo..... 'cause I'm kinda demented like that.


  1. I'm with you in the demented category. Last year, while I was away househunting, Stretch took a week of leave to stay home w/ the kids (I considered it my own mini-deployment after his yearlong one). I left strict instructions that he actually had to cook for the kids. He could not give them frozen pizza or fast food every night. Oh, and I scheduled L'il Sis first ever dental appt. during that week. Was that too evil?

  2. I have been slowly figuring out about the Mommy clique. And to be honest, it is dumb. I refuse to kiss ass too...and I refuse to be friends with people just so my kid can interact with children his age. blah!

    I can't wait to hear how this little mission of yours turns out with making your husband go solo on the field trip or with you for support. GOOD LUCK!

  3. Field trips--ugh! The loud, hot, bouncy, smelly school bus is really the only good thing about them.

  4. Mommy Politics, huh? Isn't that a subcategory of the "Real Housewives" show?

    Send flyboy into the abyss!! I know he's a darling, wonderful man that you love but it's time he had a solo with the kids. You schedule that Drs appointment so you don't feel too guilty and then go home, prop your feet on the coffee table, eat ben and jerrys and read a book. Then when he comes home looking like he rode on top of the bus instead of on it... say Allison made you do it.

  5. im glad you got the toy! yipee. i cant wait to read what it is nwhen you finally give it to him! What a sweet comment about your own posse. That sums it all up doesnt it? knowing you can count on your husband and its better then any mommy group out there..ugh. cant wait till mine gets back so i can emjoy it again! :)

  6. I laughed so hard when you said you were on the crapper when he gave you the gift!

  7. Giving you a ring on the crapper...that is classic!

    I have yet to have to deal with the whole mom group. I'm not really looking forward to it as I've never been one to fall in line as a member of someone's posse. In high school and college I just prefered to have a few very close friends and I'm still that way.

  8. I think the mommy clique is part of what scares me about being a mother (I mean, who *really* cares about whether or not you're screwing up the kid.. it's about being the right clique!! (haha, SARCASM!))

    Anyway.. sounds like you have an awesome little gift and I can't wait to hear what it is (you will tell us, right?) Oh, and PS -- your post titles crack me up!

  9. HAY!! I am glad you bought the toy. and not wanting to go is alright too.. I mean who cares other than the alpha mom right?

  10. Don't feel bad about not wanting to go on the field trip. I HATE chaperoning field trips and the preschool ones especially b/c I always felt blackmailed into it (the kid can't go if a parent doesn't go).

  11. Sadly, I prefer when most parents DON'T come along on our field trips. While I have a few good ones, usually the kids are much better behaved for me and whacked out for their parents. I don't feel like dealing with it. Send the hubby :)


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