Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's the little things

I am freakishly annoyed by little things. Things that should bother me don't and the things that shouldn't eat me alive.

I need to work on this. But as I've been saying that for the better part of a decade I'm obviously I'm not making much progress.

My annoyance for today, one of them anyways, will probably seem petty and trivial. And I realize it is. But still... it's annoying me.

I've talked about the email list that the we have for spouses at our small base before. I'm not really involved in a lot of the wives/housing stuff. It's hard when a. we don't live in housing and b. my husband in in the very small percentage of guys who flies and is never home. You would probably think that b. would make me want to be more involved but its the opposite. And very hard to make all the wives things when they are always at night and well, I just don't have the energy to go out once my kids are in bed.

Oh and the state frowns on leaving small children unattended.

So anyways, I do like to be involved in the rare good things that go on, you know cooking Thanksgiving dinner for the guys in the barracks or supporting the local Marine Corps parents group stuff like that. So I stay in the loop.

But I'm annoyed at how people are using the email list. Personally I think the list should be kept private, you know so you cant see the 50 other email addresses. If I want you to have my email I'll let you have it.

I'm tired of opening up my email and finding 10 messages from people I don't know inviting me to Tupperware parties, sex toy parties (and no I'm not kidding on this one), or some idiot who is sending an email to one person on the list but yet sends it to everyone.

I get supporting military wives businesses and what not and I get the whole "sisterhood" of military wives (yeah I sound real supportive don't I) but really, if you don't know my name and send me an evite that has my email user name in the name slot then DON'T invite me.

Seriously I got this evite and had no clue who it was from. It took me sometime until I noticed some other names on the list and put two and two together.

I don't think that the email address that I provided to the Family Support Officer should be used for someone to pimp their business out. That's not why I gave them my info. And I know I can just delete it but it's the principle here.

So what's leading me to my rant today was an email I had today about some five year old's luau birthday party this weekend. I don't know who this kid is, I didn't know who the parent was. I thought maybe it was someone in dash-1's class. Again I sat and blankly stared at my computer trying to figure it out and then I read the list of email addresses and figured it was the list gone wild again.

Here's how it starts... First off, I just want to say that I'm horrible at remembering everyones' email addresses so I just sent this to everyone on the email list. I invited most of you but, I'm certain that I don't know who everyone is and not everyone knows me either so, if I accidentally sent this to you and you have NO IDEA who I am ...I apologize.

Well she did apologize but really... sending a mass email out to people that you haven't invited? I hate to go all Countess (yes yes I'm making a Real Housewife reference) but that's just classless. And come on you can't keep track of the people you invited to your kids birthday party. She's five... how many people could you have invited?

All right that ends my petty rant of the day. I know there are far greater things happening in the world but like I said, little things annoy me. And this... annoys me.


  1. i came to introduce myself to herman but then this post popped up! so first... hi herman welcome to the family :) second - as for your email rant, i wholeheartedly agree. lady(ies) needs to get a life! and i love the countess reference :)

  2. OMG how rude you should go to the party lol and not bring a gift lol

  3. Girl I am with you on this! I gave a lady my email once to pass on to a newcomer about my age. Now she uses it for every invite and forward imaginable. That was NOT the point. Ick.

  4. This is COMPLETELY not related to your post here (which I could see how that would be annoying) but I was wondering when you all went to disney world if ya'll stayed at Shades Of Green? Robert and I are thinking about going there and want to know more about it. Just wondering!

  5. That's pretty tacky...on top of annoying..."hi i'm sending out this invite but if you don't know me *oopsie* you aren't really invited". That's so DISCountess.

  6. that is pretty class-less. hahahha BRIE is cracking me up!! Now theres a girl i can hang with! LOL.

  7. Oh my gosh, that is so NOT countess like!!!

  8. I'm annoyed on your behalf. Those people should have their computers taken away and go back to being no-class the old-fashioned way.

  9. and this is exactly why it's becoming so damned difficult to even get a roster anymore. My husband is supposedly the boss of his little group and do you think I have a roster? No, I do not. Neither does the Reserve CO's wife. The difference is it doesn't particularly bother me while it really chaps her hide.

  10. You should sent a nice email to the person in charge and ask they send all the emails as bccs, that way no one can see anyone else's email.

    I hear ya though, I am way beyond easily annoyed and being pregnant doesn't help at all! Example: I went to coldstone for icecream the other day and wanted rocky road trip which is not on the signage anymore. Well, last time someone made it for me because they aren't an idiot and know what's in Rocky Road, but this time? No..the girl's all, do you know what's in it? I'm like it's freakin rocky road!

    Ok, I'm done.

  11. Ick! I'd be irked by all means!!

    Hahah and I'm laughing at GI Joe's comment. She's soo cute!

  12. Wow...that is annoying!
    It's funny too that she randomly sent the invite and then apologizes for those she didn't personally invite..
    They do this a lot with Rob's school email list as well. It seems annoying.

  13. Is the extra gift for your kid really worth the hassle of emailing random people you don't know? If you know it's rude, don't do it.

    CT has a thing against leaving small children unattended, too. Who knew having a kid would totally cramp your social life? :-)

  14. I get irritated by this as well. I get them from all sorts of groups... home owners assoc... Sunday school... alumni assoc... Ugh...

  15. Wow...it's like you read my mind! I am dreading my spouse's upcoming deployment because I know the stupidity at the FRG is going to be ramping up soon, LOL! Yes, I would get emails about tupperware, the sex toy thing, candles, you name it...all under the guise of "a meeting" at so&so's house...and oh, by the way, you will need a babysitter for this one.... A babysitter???? If I am paying for that then I am headed out for a latte and alone time in a corner of the library until they kick me out, LOL....I feel your pain!

  16. Oh that is not a small thing, it would bother me too!!

    And I was once super involved with FRG etc, but I realized, I really need a few good friends and my few good friends need me and that is good enough for me :)

  17. Hi there~
    I'm new to your blog. I would be annoyed by that, too.
    Like your blog!

  18. Oh my god. I love that you referenced the countess! And that would annoy the CRAP out of me! Ugh. That has happened to me before. Luckily they werent that important to me so I just blocked them and didn't have the issue anymore.

  19. 1. Don't sweat the small stuff- but I get your annoyance on this.

    2. There should be a way that this is sent to as a "Group" instead of to individual email addresses. I know in my husband's command when they send an email to the Squadron they send it in this "Group Format" so that other people don't see the individual email addresses. Try talking to someone about doing it that way. Kinda tough to do now since everyone and their brother have your email addy already. HTH!

    SS- I see you like to watch RHONY!!! ; 0 ) I love Bethanny's one liners! LOL!

  20. That annoys the heck out of me too. Now that the husband is gone to Iraq I get crazy emails...I think they bug me just as much as they bug you!! I think it is ridiculous in the first place to announce your childs birthday party to a bunch of strangers,but that is just me. You dont know what kind of weirdy would/could show up! Wow....

  21. Hmmm ok let me deduct this.
    Your 5 year old's birthday-
    Probably should invite close friends and family-
    Probably should have an e-mail list of those close to you-
    Most e-mail provides provide address book and allow you to put your contacts into groups-
    Are you seeing what I am getting at here? Well she apparently missed the memo, poor thing. I am slightly embarrassed for her!

    And as far as the wives advertising the business endeavors, couldn't someone start up like a message board?? Or am I way off here =)

  22. Ugh!!! I wish you could write her back and say "you're right. I don't know you. Now take my name off of your friggin list!" But... that almost seems to nice of a way to put it, and I bet it wouldn't really do anything but make MORE trouble.



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