Friday, June 6, 2008

I live in a zoo

The two baby cows and another cow have escaped. I kid you not, if I knew where the batteries were to my camera I'd take a picture (darn you flyboy for re appropriating them!). As I sit here writing this I can see them in my side yard. Wait. Yup still there. Just made eye contact.

The boys who are upstairs having quiet time after waking at oh dark thirty because of a nasty thunderstorm were damn near giddy when they noticed it this afternoon. I'm just curious how many of you have had this conversation.

Dash-1 shrieking with joy "Their here to play with me!"

me "who? no ones coming I'm not even wearing a bra yet!" (to my defense the alarm guy is coming this afternoon so I was panicky he was here early)

Dash-1 "The cows are coming to play!"

Cant forget the much louder then normal MOO since the darn thing was in the front yard. Dash-2 is even in on the action standing at the screen door moooing right back. (He's got all his animal sounds down, gee I wonder why.)

me "Holy shit the cows are in our front yard. And its about to poop!"

Dash-1 clapping his hands giddy with excitement "Ooooh cow poop!"

Yes I cursed in the presence of my children. It slipped out but I think anyone would have done the same. The cows have come and go a bit during the day. Now they have moved on to the back of the house. I'm making sure they don't get to the road and I put a call in to our landlord but really.... some days I feel like I'm living in a zoo.

Oh and remember the mysterious animal eating our house? Yeah well we still don't know what it is, but its leaving the house alone and moved on to flyboy's make shift compost pile. I find it rather humorous, every night he dumps the food scraps from the day on his pile and stirs it up but whatever it is is still getting them. He actually accused me of trying to thwart his compost attempts. I'm just enjoying all this a bit too much I suppose. heeheeheee so sue me.


  1. Four words - and I mean them with the most utmost respect: Better you than me.

  2. i love it!! "dark thirty." too funny!!

    do we live close to each other?? the storms were crazy last night!!

    have fun cleaning up the yard :)

  3. eeeew cow poop!

    good luck dealing with them.

    and why in the world would you try to sabotage a compost pile?

  4. LOL at cow poop!! I grew up in a littel bitty town with lots of farms. We didn't have one, but our neighbors goats used to get out all the time and eat our tree leaves!!! Oh, and chase us down trying to butt us if we tried to stop them! I still don't like goats.... Oh and I am scared of cows because of being chased down by them on many an occasion as a young child.

  5. just think of it as free fertilizer.
    probably even better than the compost pile :)

  6. I grew up on a farm...escapees were an almost-daily fun to see calves out there! I can't tell you how much I miss being around cattle...

  7. Some of your expressions really remind me of my family. Especially the "dark-thirty" phrase.

    I know exactly what you mean about the cows. My brother and I were forever having to chase out naughty calves who found it fun to jump the cattleguard and run amuck in our yard.

  8. You have the most entertaining life! I swear I need to move in next door to you- I'd have so many great stories to tell!


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