Saturday, April 5, 2008

you know you live in the middle of no where when...

something is eating the outside of your house. And its not termites.

We don't know what it is yet, so far the guesses make up a short list, either a raccoon or woodchuck. Our very lovely landlords who live a few houses up came and put out a safe trap to catch whatever it is and set it loose far far away. I'm taking bets on whether one of my kids or a squirrel gets stuck in it first.

This is another one of those times when I think to myself, I'm so glad we rent and this is someone elses minor headache! The real winner for that sentiment was last summer when it was 95 degrees, very humid, flyboy was away for a few months and our septic tank exploded. Thank God for our wonderful landlords, I call them with a problem and its fixed ASAP.

Any who, I know this post sucks, but hey, this is my life right now. Laugh if you must. I'll keep you updated with whatever the mystery animal might be. Ohhh we could start a contest going. Whoever guesses the right animal I'll send you a prize and no not the animal! Although that would be funny....


  1. I'm going to guess a goat...goats eat everything right? and that would just be funny...

    sorry about your home being eaten...

    Maybe it is Hanzel & Gretel? Is your home made of candy? that would explain it.

  2. Our place in podunk is in the woods, it makes it harder to care for it but it also makes nice and cool

  3. That's good that your landlord is helping. It'll be interesting to see what the trap catches. (I hope it's not your kids!)

  4. RS- a goat! thats an excellent idea... there is one up at a dairy farm up the road. I wonder if it would travel for a snack?

    Sarge- it is SO much cooler in the summer, its amazing. back in the day they really knew how to construct a house.

    tootie- we had a near miss with the trap and a certain three year old yesterday but so far so good!

  5. I'm sorry, but I really had to laugh when I read that something is eating your house. I hope the mystery is solved soon!

  6. Might be Junior or Abs, they eat random weird things too.

  7. This is funny! Have you found out who, or should I say what, the culprit is yet?

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