Saturday, June 7, 2008

A little more about it....

Flyboy and I have a great relationship. We truly love and respect each other and thankfully we aren't shy about telling the other one when an idea is stupid. Like his idea to bike (as in one with pedals) to work. 13 miles one way. On a busy highway. Or when he went on a V8 kick and drank so much that he noticed when he sweat he smelled like tomatoes and celery.

Hence why he thought I might have been sabotaging his compost pile. When he first started it I kinda rolled my eyes... a bit... and figured he could just go with it and soon enough he would get bored and move on. Well now its progressed to where I put all our food scraps aside during the day. I hate to say it we are saving money on the amount of garbage we throw away (we have to pay per bag). But I do find it humorous that his compost pile is the neighborhood diner for the animals.

And I refused to throw cow poop on the pile the other day. That's his job and guess um what. When he's out of town its just not getting thrown on!


  1. I'd loooooove to be able to compost. It's better for the environment, and -bonus- you get some awesomesauce fertilizer for your yard.

    And hey, if you end up feeding the wildlife, at least you'll be able to get some fun stories out of it. ;)

  2. Eww. I know that's all "anti-green" to say but still....Eww.

    On another note- your new background is so purty!


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