Thursday, June 26, 2008

Is the universe trying to tell me something?

So I joined a weight loss program (WW) and today marked one whole week of eating better and feeling better. I went this morning to get weighed in and thanks to my new found will power I am down 4.2 pounds! In one week! I stuck to my points and didn't even use one bonus point.

And might I add that the WW ice cream cups are fantastic. Seriously since flyboy came home from a trip midweek and has downed quite a few.

But I'm driving home from my weigh in and for 15 minutes, turn by turn, I was stuck behind a Hostess Cupcake truck.

Then I stopped to get gas and what pulled up next to me? A Drakes Coffee Cake (remember those from Seinfeld) truck with a ten foot coffee cake on the side of it.

Pull out of the gas station and continue home eating my grapes only to pass the fried Twinkies sign.

Damn you world! Damn you!


  1. sorry about the universe.

    although i must admit you are a much stronger woman than i.

    i probably would have "robbed" both trucks of their goodies :)

  2. Breyers Free Ice Cream = 1 pt. per serving!
    AND THEY HAVE STRAWBERRY! and a lot of things with chocolate in it if you like chocolate...I don't but there you go!

    I'm so excited for you about your lost! Keep it up!

  3. I should do something like that. I'm so down because instead of losing my baby weight I've been gaining the past few months. I know it's stress from deployment, etc, but still...

    I'm impressed that you didn't cave when struck by so many images of yummy food!! Kudos to you! :)

  4. Great job!
    WW has worked for me in the past for baby weight. Keep up the god work!

  5. Oh my goodness - that is too funny. Who knew that temptation was everywhere??

    But congrats on your weight loss!

    (And yes, I remember that Seinfeld episode. I'm a huge fan of that show!!)

  6. Way to go! Hubs is going with me and join next week. 30 lb. boot allowance my arse. Tuesdays are going to be family WW day.

    You proved stronger than the universe. Not many of us (i.e. me) can say that :)

  7. I do WW too! It has been slow moving but far more effective than anything I've done in the past (ie, I'm losing weight instead of gaining!)...Breyers Free is AMAZING.

  8. I heart WW. You had a great week! Wow! I love the WW fudge bars. Big, chocolaty, and just 1pt.

    I love your temptations around every corner! Hilarious!

  9. 4 pounds is awesome. I wish i was motivated to lose weight.. instead I bake,lol.

  10. Temptation... stinks!

    Good on you girlfriend for joining WW. I have totally went off anything resembling a workout program/diet. It's bad... really, really bad.

    Keep motivated!

  11. I know for sure I would have robbed the coffee cake truck. Oh so good.

    You proved stronger than the universe! The Breyers is really good. I don't eat ice cream much but LT Dan eats it by the gallon.

    Your temptations were all of mine. I love cake. Right now I can't have cake. Cake is the devil.

  12. Oh my goodness eveyone is trying to loose weight i try and try and I loose nothing. I will be fat forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Wow! I am so impressed with you :)

    I know I wouldn't have handled it so well!

  14. You are doing so well!! Keep it up my love! I am very proud of you :)

  15. Ha! It always seems to happen that way, right? But congratulations on your weight loss!

    I just quit smoking, so my next goal is to join WW. It's amazing how much better I feel when I actually take care of my body!

  16. congrats on your WW loss! I lost 6.6 my first week and 2.4 my 2nd...I'm weighing in tomorrow and hope to hit the 10 lb mark...that would be FANTASTIC!

    I too rarely use any extra points...I even have a hard time using the points I am allotted!

    And as I read the comments, I saw enough about Breyers free, so I'm going to be getting some TODAY!

  17. Wow! 4.2 pounds is an awesome way to start! Just keep chanting that number to yourself whenever you're tempted, lol.


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