Friday, June 27, 2008


So they moved the cows to the next pen over to thwart off the escape artist. Well the Houdini's found their way out and all week have been exploring. Nothing too big, no one leering in my windows during breakfast, now they seem to be hanging out in the big field which we've kinda treated as our backyard. Pretty neat since now the kids and the cows have been playing together.

Or rather the cows just eat the grass and the boys explore, so long as the little ones don't make any funny moves at the calves the bull and the other cows don't have any problem with them.

Just so no one calls CPS I'm always with the kids and when I say big field I'm talking close to 100 acres and the kids are near the cows but hardly underfoot and the cows are very good with the kids, they even lick their faces. The cows to the kids, that is, never the other way around.
Dash-1 playing with a hole in the ground while the cows contently munch in the background. We do have toys for the kids but hey, they're content with holes in the ground.

Had you asked me back in the day if I thought I would be a marine wife or living on a farm with cows I would have laughed....

And you know people actually ask us why we don't live in housing? And miss out on all this!?


  1. Oh man!! I so wish my kids could have that same experience. I am a country girl all the way. I miss it like crazy, though with all the cow farms around here sending their perfume my way, I kind of feel like I still am in the country! :

    Your children will grow up with BIG imaginations! How great is that?!


  2. LOL! Wyatt is in love with holes, too. I really don't get it, but whatever keeps him stationary for a few minutes works for me.

  3. Heh. When you said on my blog that you don't have any pets, I thought to myself about how the boys would disagree and claim the cows. So it's pretty funny that I came over here to tell you that and sure enough there was a post about the cows. Heh.


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