Thursday, June 5, 2008

A mish mosh

Why is it that the fantastic post come to me at 11:15 when I'm laying in bed? Seriously the past couple days stuff has come to me and I've thought, "hmm I should remember this and do a post on it". Only to find that I have no memory of what it was. There must be some link with motherhood and losing your memory.

I'm feeling very out of my routine lately. In a good way but out of the routine none the less. Flyboy has been home for almost five weeks now. Five long, long weeks. Three weeks of that was leave he had to use up and the rest is just a quiet month without much flying at work. I think this is the longest chunk of time we have been together since we've been married. Its been nice, flyboy said that he is relieved that we apparently can live together so he's not so worried about when he retires, he's so romantic. But honestly I was kinda wondering the same thing. Its so odd to live so much of your married life apart, the constant comings and goings, you do start to wonder what it will be like when this chapter ends. But we are both relieved that we will at least make it five weeks before someone kills the other.

I'm also noticing that my blog is so blah. Not the writing, well lately but the layout. I think it needs a lift. Kinda like a nursing mom needs a boob job. Anyone know of anyone who does blog designs? I emailed one person and I'm hoping to hear back but if figure back up cant hurt. At least a bloggy lift is cheaper then a boob job. Not that I've priced those out or anything.....

Well this post is making me think I need to start keeping some paper or something next to my bed so I can write down these grand ideas I get during the night.


  1. i totally get the keep the paper by the bed comment. i swear i have forgotten many, many brilliant posts!! tee hee

    btw - love what you said over in alex's world today!! naked in the produce department!! haha :)

  2. I can totally relate. The best blog ideas come to me when I'm trying to fall asleep.

    And I, too, am thinking about a facelift for my blog. If you decide to go with a designer, let me know how it goes.

  3. Totally not a mom thing about forgetting post ideas!!!

    I agree with amanda, the produce dept. comment was priceless.

    I can't do a whole blog redesign but if you want a header or some bling to throw around to hold you through a redesign...let me know.

  4. Isn't it ridiculous that 5 weeks seems like an eternity to actually have your husband around? When you actually look at this life from the is a bit sickening!

  5. Thats when it always hits me too. Although lately nothings been hitting me at all (That didnt sounds good did it?)

  6. Well, over at Chateau L, the only thing I know how to do is swipe a pic from someone who is way better at photography than I and slap on some words via ACDSee (my photo editing software) Took me 3 years to learn how to do that. Go me! Why no more links on the side of the blog? Can't remember how I did it with the ones that are there. Basically, I guess what my useless ramble is all about is this: I love when people redesign their blogs. Can I give you any direction or someone who does it? Nope, but I'll be standing by. I may even get inspired by you.

    It's the opposite for those of us who have him home. We like those few weeks of breathing room, but it takes so much adjusting and you get real good at it and he's back.

  7. haha i laughed out loud at the nursing mom boob job. =)

    was it hard when you first got married to be apart? i mean, now it seems like it's second nature to you for flyboy to be gone, but was it not like that at first? wondering if there is hope for me.


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