Saturday, June 14, 2008

My men I love them so....

I am a terribly lucky girl. I have been blessed to have two wonderful men in my life.

They say that the most important role model for a girl is her father, whoever they are couldn't be more right. My father is an amazing man. He is the epitome of what a family man is. He works long hours and is terribly committed to his job, now and while we were growing up, but thinking back I cant remember many soccer games or tennis matches that he wasn't at. Even though lets be honest, JV girls soccer is not that exciting all the time. And while I was cursed with his pudgy face, I am grateful to have his sense of humor and hope that I have even a fraction of his smarts. He likes to think I do too, since he wrote the checks for college.

I'm sure my father thought when he walked me down the aisle five and half years ago that his time being my go to guy was done. Ah little did he know. I married a wonderful man, but those of you who have also married wonderful military men know that so very often they are not around. When I went into preterm labor while my husband was deployed it was my parents who stepped up to take me back home for bed rest. When I hit a deer and nearly totaled my car, flyboy was in the air so it was my father who I called in a panic. When my son needed to have some test done last summer, it was my father who sat next to me waiting for my little one to wake up from the surgery. There are even times when I know I can do it myself, I know I can handle it, but I know that my father feels like I need him there. How lucky I am to know that I can always turn to him. Good, bad, or ugly, a fathers job is never over. Happy father's day big guy.

The other amazingly wonderful guy is my dear sweet flyboy. Flyboy shocked me as a father. I didn't know what to expect with him. All during the pregnancy he kept saying that he wasn't going to go near the delivery room, he wouldn't change diapers, yada yada. Little did he know how his little darlings would make him crumble. He is a tough Marine but he's one hell of a daddy. I hear of guys that come home from work and need "me" time. Not so in this house. Half the time he doesn't even get his boots off before he's wrestling ankle bitters on the floor.

I have such great respect for him as not only a father but a provider. Being a Marine is part of who he is, but its hard on him to be away so much. To have missed out on so much of their little lives already, to feel the sting when he comes home from long trips to get a cold shoulder, or to have to hear crying when he leaves. While I stay home and deal with all the day to day stuff he's missing out. I am able to watch and enjoy my kids because he's willing to slay dragons for us. Metaphorically speaking of course. There are times when I know he wants to walk away from this lifestyle, the flying is great but it can be grueling, lets face it he works with some morons and the red tape just seems endless sometimes. I'm sure he thinks about just hanging up the flight suit and go get a suit and tie but yet he soldiers on. For us. I cant tell you how much I love him for that.

When we had dash-1 I remember how his face lit up when they first handed him to us. I remember one nurse leaning into me as we were leaving and said that she had never seen a father so proud. I know my boys will achieve great things in life, no doubt a huge part of that will be the father that they have, the lessons that he teaches and the love that he shows them. Thank you my dear for all the blessings that you bring to us, your one hell of a dad.


  1. Very sweet words and a fantastic post. Thanks.

  2. You made me cry. Thanks for sharing your two favorite dads!

  3. awh leanna,

    loved how you described how flyboy said he wouldn't be that kind of daddy, but his heart was melted/crumbled anyway. awh.

    beautiful tribute post. you had me choking back a tear by the end.

    you are blessed.

    good to see you appreciating it.

    take care, kathleen

  4. You made me cry too!:) I'm going to hug my dad a little harder today. You really are a lucky girl!

  5. What a sweet father's day article. I can see how much you love your dad and your flyboy! Happy Father's Day!

  6. I love this tribute!

    You are lucky to have such great men in your lives.

    (And they are lucky to you have you, too :)

  7. A wonderfully written post. You are extremely lucky, just as I'm sure he is very lucky to have you as a great wife and mother.

  8. Such a sweet, wonderful post! You do, truly have two GREAT men! I hope they both had a wonderful Fathers Day!

  9. I have no idea where my comment went..but here goes again.

    WHAT A DAMN GOOD POST!!! You are so blessed and to hear such honest and sweet and most importantly, heartfelt words come out of a daughters mouth was just brilliant.

    Thank you for a post that is truly a pick me up!~ :-)

  10. beautiful post.

    priceless picture.


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