Friday, June 27, 2008

Had to tell

Wow two post in one night, I'm on some kind of role. Actually I figured blog or work out and well, guess which one won out? I wanted to give Pot and Kettle and big ole shout out. I tried her black bean brownies and everyone in the house is going nuts over them. I had a very small piece and they were delicious.Thank you pot and kettle! The boys LOVED them and now I have another great snack to send to school when the time comes.

Its the first brownie Dash-1 has ever had and he's smitten. I practically had to put Dash-2 in the sink with the bowl and spatula because I couldn't break him free of them. Don't let the name keep you away. They are the best brownies I have ever had and I can only imagine how good they would be with some nuts or marshmallows in there.

And oh so simple to make, puree a can of black beans (do not drain prior) and then mix with a box of brownie mix, and just the mix, no need to add the oil or the egg. So they end up being healthier for you too and pack a TON of fiber.

For all you WW out there they were discussing these at a meeting I went too and they end up being 2 points for one brownie. Sadly thats not 2 points for the whole pan.... I ended up cutting up the brownies and wrapping them individually in saran wrap and tossed them in the freezer for the next chocolate craving.

They really are THAT good.


  1. I have to say this is a very interesting concept! I believe you that they are delicious, but I think I'm going to have to work up to it :)

    I am not so sure about messin' with a good thing, such as chocolate!

  2. I definitely need to try these out. Do I need a food processor to puree the beans? Or could I mash them up by hand somehow? Even though I've been living on my own (and not in college dorms) for 7 years I still have the bare essentials in the kitchen. I've been waiting on a wedding registry to fill out those gaps this whole time. :-p

  3. Sounds unusual, but I'd love to give it a try. By the way, I'm going to FINALLY post my contribution to your cookie/dessert blog. It's banana split cake, a little off the cookies, but it is delish!

    By the way he looks so cute with a chocolate face!

  4. wow! totally impressive. I will def. make them!
    Thanks for being the more WW informed of the two of us!

  5. sounds a little scary....must go check to see if I have any black beans in the pantry....

  6. I may have to try these...they do sound questionable but it you say they are good, then they must be!

  7. Hmmmm I am going to try..and oil and egg....I love it when good substitutions work...thanks...will let you know what jan and marsha think..they are the most finicky of them all!!!


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