Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Oh lordy

My son is running around the front yard in elmo underpants. And that's all folks.

Since its been so hot lately the boys are sharing a room, they would have to anyways, and why not work to cool one room vice two. Dash-2 is napping the worlds longest nap, I forgot to get shorts before I put him down so Dash-1 wanted to go on the porch with my mom who is in town for a few days. Whats a mom to do? Sneak in and wake up a sleeping child who is oh so tired from all this heat? No. Let a boy be a boy and run around in elmo underpants. Its not like anyone can see him... anyone but the cows that is.


  1. That's the way it goes sometimes...


  2. at least he has underpants on... my little guy has decided that he likes to be a bit more free than that when it's hot outside.
    we're working on it.

  3. HA! He is a trip! He seems to just be contempt in his own little world! I love it!

  4. And how did this not make Wordless Wednesday???

    Haha! How cute!

  5. One napping and one in Elmo pants...boys will be boys...LOL

  6. Well at least Dash-1 gave the cows some entertainment!

  7. One of the great advantages of living in the country! My brother and I did this when we were little too. :)

  8. gigglefit

    I read this to Lt Dan cuz he wanted to know why was I giggling. His response:


    I think he's jealous.

  9. Take a picture..then stick it in the baby book right next to his naked bath baby pictures!

    Definitely a moment to drag out for his future wife in 20-30 some odd years :)

    My MIL sent me copies of all the videos of K growing up...including his 2 year old naked self dancing to MTV (when it was actually Music Television)...priceless.

  10. :D Can't really blame him. Sounds nice & cool way to be in this hot weather.

  11. this isn't a bad thing.

    well, he is not nekkid. tee hee



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