Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Great Cookie Swap

I am a creature of habit. Only in the past few years have I started to try new things and what do you know many of them I like. Never had spinach, love it, mushrooms, love them, turkey burgers, yup, love those too. I kid you not when I say that pretty much the only cookie I made and or ate was Chocolate Chip or a basic sugar cookie. Like I said, I'm a creature of habit. Baking to me was a brownie mix. With last years realization that dsah-1 was severly allergic to eggs and peanuts. I've had to throw out a lot of mixes and start baking from scratch. And really not just that, I've had to rethink this whole baking thing all together. Its great!

The boys enjoy cooking and baking with me and I love to share it with them. Granted their "help" isn't always very useful, more flour usually ends up on the floor then in the mixer but its a great time to spend with them. They take turns sitting on the counter "adding" in ingredients. And when we're done both boys sit nice and quiet licking spoons (a benefit to egg free cooking!) at their little snack table in the kitchen while I scoop out the dough on the sheets and clean up. I turn the light in the oven on so they can watch them puff up. And when its time to pull them out they practically dance in anticipation.

I've been trying to compile some yummy egg free recipes so that when Dash-1 goes to school he wont be the freak at the peanut free table who has to eat wheat germ cookies and the other kids wont want to eat any snacks I make for the classroom because they taste like cardboard. Not that I'm thinking much about it or anything yet! I found a great egg free chocolate chip cookie recipe that I'll have to share with you guys next time. Its really good, better then the egg version I used to make, now its all a couple of my friends make who CAN use eggs.

This time I however I wanted to share a yummy spice pumpkin cookie that is my husbands favorite cookie. The recipe does call for one egg but I make it without the egg and you cant tell a thing. They might be a tad "stickier" without the egg but really, they don't last very long before they are all gone and no one has complained yet! I honestly cant tell any difference between when I made it once with eggs (to send away) and all the times I've made it without. So its up to you if you include it or not. This cookie is delicious! Its almost like a spice cake cookie! Its a great cookie for coffee, its nice and cake like and despite my husband hating pumpkin pie he LOVES this cookie so if your thinking that you wont like it... you never know!

Pumpkin Cookies

2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
2 tsp ground cinnamon
1/2 tsp ground nutmeg
1/2 tsp ground cloves
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 cup butter
1 1/2 cups white sugar
1 cup canned pumpkin puree
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla extract

2 cups confectioners' sugar
3 tbsp milk
1 tbsp melted butter
1 tsp vanilla extract

Preheat the oven to 350. Mix sugar and butter until creamy. Add pumpkin, vanilla, and egg if your going to use it. You know the drill, mix well.

Add in the dry indgredients. Again mix well.

Spoon onto cookie sheets and flatten slightly. (I must confess I don'tto flatten them, they may not be as pretty but my audience seems not to prefer that. That and their sticky and I end up making a bigger mess)

Bake for about 15-20 minutes. Let cook and then drizzle the icing over them if you so desire.

I tend not to put the glaze on it. Its oh so yummy with it but really do my kids really need all the extra sugar that and they are a mess with glaze on their fingers. When I'm sending them overseas the glaze is a nightmare, it makes packaging them up a huge mess so what I do is send a tub of store bought cream cheese or vanilla icing. I've gotten some letters back from guys I've sent these too and they travel really well.

I hope everyone has fun with this, I'm curious to see what everyone is making and read whatever story they have to go with it. I hope someone finds something new to try and ends up just loving it, or at least having a good time trying. If this works out maybe we can try it again, maybe even branch out and cover more foods. Link your post back below so we can all stop by and visit. Thanks! Happy baking!


  1. I'm laughing my tushie off this afternoon because I baked last night! Two things. One of which was a (drumroll, please) spice pumpkin cookie! No kidding...different recipe (way easier than your homemade) but same cookie. Great minds :)

    I'll post all my stuff tonight and come back and link up.

    Thanks for doing this..I'm digging continuing so my fingers are crossed for participation.

  2. I re-read my comment and by "way easier" I meant I cheated and didn't take the time like you did. It sounded so harsh when I went back and read it. Sorry about that.

  3. Yum! Looks de-lish! :)

    I'll have to try this one. I'm always looking for recipes when I have to bring a dish to a party, etc.

  4. Can't wait to try your recipe! My husband absolutely loves pumpkin pie and bread so I'm sure he'll adore this cookies!

  5. Those cookies look delish! I'm still working on what I'm going to make. I'm thinking about my mom's carmel bars. They're to die for!

  6. Wow, those pumpkin cookies look good. I love baking, so I will definitely have to give them a try. Great idea, I posted my grandmother's lace cookies on my blog! Unfortunately, they do have one egg, but you may be able to omit it. Not sure, I've never tried.

  7. My stuff is posted.

  8. Can you make me some Im nmever gonna get around to it

  9. OK, now I have cookies posted I'll go read the other ones. The pumpkin ones sound just yummy. I'll make these, without the glaze-- I'm with you, they probably don't need it.

    Now I'm off to explore cookies.

  10. I'm allergic to peanuts too (and cashews, pistachios, brazil nuts... oh, that was a "fun" one to discover).. so I am always looking for some great cookies that don't use those!! These look tasty!

  11. Oh man, I forgot!!!! These look great though, and anything egg free is a bonus!

    I lovepumpkin anything, even ice cream...

  12. You got some really good stuff up so far. I am really digging the carrot cake cupcakes...yummmmmm...

  13. I'm going to link up!! As soon as I can get my hands on the mom made these cookies and they are SOOOOOOOO GOOD!! It's like a brownie, but a cookie.

  14. sounds YUMMY! Well, I finally made mine, and posted to Mr. Linky...come and see!!!

  15. OK I have posted my cookie recipe!! Orange cookies!!

  16. Okay, so it only took me like two weeks to get my recipe up! I'm so sorry. My life has been cah-razy!

    The pumpkin cookies look and sound AMAZING! I like knowing that they hold up well too.

    I am excited to check out the other dessert recipes! Thanks so much for hosting this! And again, I am so, so sorry I took so long! :)


  17. Both of mine have eggs, unfortunately. :( But I will definitely check some of these ideas out.

    For the pumpkin lovers, I should try to get my sister Val's recipes for pumpkin bread and pumpkin cheesecake. She is the pumpkin queen of our family. :-D


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