Thursday, April 17, 2008

Morning at the flyboy house

What I woke up too, my beautiful tulips from my very loving husband.
Dash-1 enjoying the fruits, or rather the cupcakes, of his labor.

The boys and I tried out a new egg free cupcake recipe. Very yummy, very yummy indeed. Unlike our past egg free attempts these actually resemble and taste like cupcakes.

I'm telling you this kid just eats his way thru the day. How he is not a chubba lub I don't know. He managed to pull his brother's fruit loops off the table and was sitting enjoying the peace.

Our little stray cat who is finally getting used to us. Dash-1 and I were just getting ready to put its food out when I noticed it on the porch. It's now his job to remember to put the food out everyday and wouldn't you know, he remembers more often then I do!

Really, my kids don't live in a zoo, but Dash-2 is our climber. Right after I snapped this pic I took him off the table I swear. But it was too cute to miss out on.

This is Dash-1's new trick. He doesn't understand that your supposed to balance the spoon on your nose without the use of your hands, not just hold it there. Oh well, he's got plenty of time to figure it out!

Why eat the yogurt for lunch when you can squeeze it between your fingers?
The playroom after I put the boys down for the nap. Good lord those two can destroy a room like no other. That's the best part of this house, an actual designated playroom, so I can just shut the door and walk away from the mess (not the kids but the mess!)
That is a little snap shot of our morning. I missed the boat on wordless weds so I was going thru picture withdrawal. Now you lucky ducks get pic overload. Really, you all are quite lucky!


  1. I love the pic of the yogurt...he looks so concerned and intrigued...I love it!

  2. Take lots more pictures (the mental ones too, where you hold a moment forever), what a great smile you gave me and I needed one tonight. Thank you so much.

    Hold on to that joy.

  3. Love the mess looks like my house

  4. Those are two of the most precious boys I've ever seen. Gana be heartbreakers, let me tell ya! My favorite is Dash-1 looking ever so proud over his cupcake :).

    The tulips are gorgeous! Good job Flyboy!

  5. Pretty flowers! Flyboy has to get some bonus points for those.

  6. I wish we had a playroom :(

    We have that same zebra bouncy toy thing!

    Your flowers are very pretty! Good job flyboy!

  7. Beautiful Flowers! I can totally relate on the playroom, except that is what their rooms look like. It always amazes me how fast it can go from clean to decimated! Those pics are great!!!

  8. How I wish I had a designated playroom. But, at this point, a house would be nice. I'm literally homeless right now. :)

    Love the yogurt picture. It warms my heart to see that other children do the food squishing thing. I was feeling rather alone.


  9. What a great morning! I love the photo of your little guy on the table. What a cutie!

  10. Great photos! The tulips are beautiful and your boys are such doll babies!


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