Monday, April 28, 2008


Did anyone else catch Carrier on their local PBS last night? I loved it. Now while I might be a tad biased towards military programing it really was an interesting documentary. It's running from the 27th till May 1st and explores, in quite some detail I think, life aboard the USS Nimitz, a "super carrier".

First, I have a new found respect for the men and women on carriers (or any boat or submarine for that matter). My father in law flew with a Marine EA6-B Prowler squadron so he knows boat life all to well but Flyboy doesn't deploy with a carrier so I don't really know a whole heck of a lot about them. As a kid my parents took us on a tour of the battleship USS North Carolina. All I remember is that it smelled like band aids and the power went out, lots of fun.

Carrier is a great way to really see the ins and outs of a major air craft carrier and then men and women that make it run. Such a small space for the number of people on it. Constant noise, constant commotion, no privacy. How these people survive six months with sanity intact is amazing to me. I didn't think that the first episode sugar coated navy life, nor did it paint it in a disparaging light. There were those who felt like this wasn't really the life for them and those that loved it. I think they did an excellent job in showing the reasons for various people to join up, whether it be for money for college, to seek out a better life with more direction, to show a parent who's boss, and for many a need to serve ones county.

Carrier had some great lines and moments. When Navy pilots are discussing having to pay for their food one pilot made the recommendation to fly with the Air Force, they get their food free and you get to wear a scarf he said. I thought this was hilarious even more funny when flyboy pointed out that the Air Force does sometimes wear ascots with their flight suits. And the discussion on call signs was equally as funny. Another more poignant one was when the Nimitz was making its way past the USS Arizona memorial and they stood at attention on the edge of the ship as it passed by. I am a weenie, I teared up a bit.

Its on again tonight, two hour long episodes. Check your local PBS to find out what time.


  1. I watched part of this last night...and totally thought of you!

    I was going to say 'oh did you see that thing on PBS?!?!' I don't have to.

    (to let you know that your not my only military friend...I called all my in laws who are Air Force and Navy.

  2. I didnt see it sounds really interesting though

  3. Oh shoot! WE totally forgot this started last night. Thanks for the reminder!!!

    DH did 2 floats on the TR. We wanted to let the kids watch and see what Daddy did :)


  4. I totally forgot this was on. But I could be bitter because I had orders to the Nimitz and would have been on it while they filmed some of this, but wasn't allowed to go. Stupid broken leg.

    Will have to enlist the help of TiVo to remind me to watch.

  5. I think I will DVR it and record it for Gunner. While in Hawaii he dragged me to see the USS Missouri. Four hours later I wasn't ready to leave! Now I devour this stuff!

  6. I haven't seen any of the episodes but I did watch the preview on itunes. I'm SOOOOO excited about this show, SOO ridiculously excited. My boyfriend is on an aircraft carrier doing the exact same thing as the USS Nimitz was three years ago.
    I've heard that it's supposed to be really good. I can't wait until they put the episodes up on itunes so I can watch them.

  7. Huh, I might have to check this out. I hadn't heard of it until now.

    BTW- We've lived on 2 air force bases and I've never seen an ascot with a flight suit. They very well may exists, but I'm thinking they must be rare. My gosh, I think the guys we know around here would just about rather die than have to wear one of those! They all complain that the "folded napkin hat" they're forced to wear with their blues is bad enough, lol!

  8. Hmmmm... we have PBS now because we are in TLF. I'm going to check it out - I love stuff like this! Thanks!


  9. carriers are awesome! I served aboard one while on active duty and there is nothing finer than watching an F-14 take off!

  10. I watched the first night and it's so interesting. I really liked it. I forgot to Tivo the next few nights. I hope PBS will reply it soon.

  11. I was traveling so I totally missed this. Now I have it set to record and I think I've got the ones I missed scoped out. If not, I'll find out on the PBS website (gotta love PBS) and watch there.


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