Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'm multitasking

I found a great military wife/life blog a little bit ago My Crazy Amazing Military Life. Its written primarily by navy wives but lets be honest so much of it is the same. The uniforms might look a little different, the means of travel tends to include water and lots of it, different terms for rank. But what we go thru when they are away, how we hold ourselves and our families together, the humor and the heartache. Marine green or navy blue its all the same.

The site is hoping to get all the branches represented and I just started contributing a Marine Wife, in a sea of Navy wives. I know that no one is going to believe that that pun was totally unintended but it was. I hope you all will head over to check out what these very knowledgeable, witty ladies have to say. Especially now that I am one of them.

Shameless plug, shameless I tell ya. But it is a great site and there is plenty there that that we can all relate to.


  1. Isn't it a great place? I am so glad these ladies have opened their arms to us non-Navy wives.

    Love the puns! ROFL

  2. What was it you said? Oh yes, I remember :) You said, "Plug away! It's not shameless at all!"

    You go girl :) Great story!

  3. heeheehee...a sea of navy wives...I like them because they actually have submarine wives over there!

  4. this blog thing is great to for military wives, it gives you an easy way to support each other, I wish Al Gore had invented it years

  5. LOL @ Sarge charlie yeah.

    If you are there, I am going to see, and I thought the plug was awesome and the puns were funny because I am sure you didn't do them purposely.

  6. Hellllooo Ladies! It's Marie from "the sea of navy wives"! lol

    And a coastie wife, of course. We can't forget Jenn!!

    So, you might be wondering why it is soooo Navy. Well, Wendy and I started with what we knew, and that was Submarines and the Navy. We had always planned to grow and create a place for all branches. So, we are both so excited to have a Marine Wife!!!

    Sooo, anybody have an Army or Air Force wife lying around!?


    Oh, and I LOVE your blog!!!!

    Lots o' Love

    Marie :o)


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