Friday, April 25, 2008

I havent seen a crappy uniform yet

Flyboy had to wear Charlies to work today (for you non marine types that's a short sleeve khaki shirt with green pants). Something about it being a Friday or something I dont know, he's usually not around for them so its been since August since I last saw him in them. Let me tell you ladies, fantastic! Really I don't think I've seen a bad Marine Uniform yet. Granted he looks a little uptight in his Alpha's (that's their green pants, khaki shirt, green jacket) but still he looks so sharp in what ever you put him in.

There isn't much uniform rotation in this house. Typically he wears a flight suit, on a few occasions he wears his cammies but to see him in his Charlies is rare. And wonderful. I wanted to take a picture but I knew what the response would be. When I saw him all gussied up with his rack of ribbons I am reminded not only of how very proud I am of him for all he's done but just how freakin' expensive its going to be to get his ribbons mounted. Not to brag, all right I'm bragging, but its already hard to find ribbon mounts for as many ribbons as he needs, the cost I was quoted to do his medals was more then my car payment.

He's wanted to get it done for a while but it seems like he's always waiting for S-1 to process something thru. I looked into it for last ball and was shocked at the price, then he wasn't home for the ball anyways so it was a moot point. But he's hinting here and there and I would love to get the done for him. Most people have recommended the Marine Store down in Quantico Town. Does anyone else have any other recommendations? I'm not looking to go cheap and crappy on this but I am curious where other experienced wives may have gotten this done.


  1. You are too cute! You have every right to be proud :).

    I love Marine uniforms. Shhhh, don't tell my Army husband. The only rotation we get are the ACUs (sadly not as sexy as BDUs once were) and the lovely Tanker suit. The Tanker suit is absolutely hysterical and reminds me of footie pajamas you would wear as a child. More particularly amusing when you factor in the face that Z is almost 6'5 and 215lbs. Great fun. He usually sprints out the door before I can laugh :)

  2. Soooo Sunday, Sgt.'s brother came to town for a visit and I was meeting him for the first time at church, I show up and there is a dashing young Marine in Charlies sitting in the pew. Crazy enough he looks VERY similar to Sgt. albeit a little thinner and taller, but anways, point being... the charlie's are very handsome :).

  3. Marine dress uniforms? Yes, please!

    Just don't tell my husband in the Army :)

  4. My Marine buddy has to wear Charlie's on Thursdays. I haven't seen him in his Alpha's, but I've seen him in his dress blues for the ball...Ooops, I drooled a little at the memory. He does look so sharp in them. And that, my friends, is an understatment :) He's like Flyboy too and runs for the hills when he sees a camera.

    Sorry I'm not much help in the ribbon mounting area :-/

  5. Heh. DH has been muttering about getting his ribbons mounted and just hasn't gotten around to it yet. The Navy has some nice uniforms but now DH is in working whites now if he isn't in utilities (there's a reason nobody gets seen in utilities. 'Cause they suck!). And then he just looks like an ice cream man. Not nearly as cool as the Charlie uniform, I bet!

  6. Marines have the best uniforms! (I'm an Air Force traitor saying that but it's true!) I love it when J has to wear his dress blues. Almost never happens though. (The picture on my main blogger profile of the 2 of us? Yeah, I had to bribe him to get that done...and I'm still hearing about it 2 years later.)

    As far as the ribbons, I have no idea. We weren't going to bother doing that until J retires. Seems like every time we think he's done with ribbons another one pops up. Which means new racks and all- it gets expensive to keep up with! I've heard that even Michaels will do stuff like that though. I wonder if they would be cheaper??

  7. I'll have to second The Marine Store in Q-town...they do a great job there, or at least they did when I was there! Whew! That name just brought back some memories!!!! Ahh, lunch at The Command Post - yum! I'll have to assume that place is still there!

    Have you looked into the thin ribbons? I think they lay much nicer.

    Oh and as far as uniforms go... anything with the wolly-pully.. yuck to wear and really yuck to look at!

    Funny, DH and I were just talking about "Charlie Day" yesterday LOL!

  8. I love your pride. Being an old Army guy the only uniform that I ever thought was cool was our dress Blues. The Jar Heads have us hands down on uniforms.

    Yep, keep those medals mounted, finally after many years I got a new set from the army.

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  10. Yep, the Marines have awesome uniforms. No, I won't let my Army husband see that I posted that.

    *grin* shhhh

  11. Ah, I miss those uniforms. Shhh, don't tell my DH either. (looks like I'm in good company there).

    Anyway, we get his done through

    Not to steep of a price and they do a nice job as well.

  12. I had my husband's done at the NEX - I didn't care so much about the price as I did about the experience they have doing them (that's pretty much all the tailor shop does there - uniforms!).

    And Navy whites are the ick. I'm not sad to see those going bye bye. Although khaki isn't my favorite color, either - we'll see what happens. Utilities are also not a uniform to cry over. Too bad they can't replace the nasty sub smell while they are at it.

    Some people think sailor dress blues are dumb, but I really love it when Oliver has occasion to wear them. It doesn't hurt that he's a fine looking man... I had to talk him into wearing it for family pictures when Wyatt was born. Eventually, I'll get him to do it again. He wore his working blues for the last photo we did - they look good, but it's not the same.

  13. My husband goes through Medals of America at - it's still not cheap for medals, but they do a really great job. The ribbons are only a few bucks apiece and they mount them and everything.

    Plus, you can get magnetic backings so that he's not tearing up a uniform trying to get it exactly straight...not that I've ever seen that happen. :)

  14. awh leanne,

    you sound totally adorable talking all proud like about your mate! very sweet :)

    night night, kathleen :)

  15. sorry about the delete. my comment, i accidentally hit it twice :)

  16. I think Stretch usually tries to get his done at the Marine store in Q-town. And we haven't lived near there in almost 9 years. He also goes there for all non-cammie uniforms. Of course, that might have something to do with not being able to buy ANYTHING off the rack. ahem, sorry about that.


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