Sunday, April 6, 2008

really? it seems longer then that?

Our dinner table conversation went a little something like this last night.

Dash-1 started it with, "Daddy you've been home a lot, when is it time for the suitcase?".

I then looked at flyboy and said "It does seem like you've been around a lot lately."

Flyboy was quiet for a minute and then you could see the light go off in his head "You guys realize I've only been home for six days.".

Hmmm really? It seems longer then that.

That probably sounds awful, we don't mean for it to. Its great to have him around but you cant ignore the fact that he's absent more then he's present. He's flying later this week and I know for a fact that when he leaves he will be sorely missed. Both boys make it quite clear that daddy is more fun then mommy. Imagine that.


  1. Ha, it is kinda awful. But funny at the same time. In the "only because I understand that lifestyle" kind of way.

    Enjoy your time together, and good luck determining the house-munching culprit!!

  2. Bwhahaha! I laughed so hard at this one, because I totally get it. My boys know dad is more fun, too. That here-today gone-tomorrow thing always makes leave seem so weird.

  3. Yeah, I totally get it too. That's why I deployed myself... to try a little role-reversal. Wouldn't you know it, Stretch is having a fine time and the girls are being great for him! But he did have one little gremlin: the dishwasher died on him. Is it bad that I think that's funny?


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