Thursday, April 17, 2008

"ID Mommy ID Mommy!"

Yesterday we drove on base as we get near the guard gate a certain three year old starts getting a little hyper in the back seat. "ID Mommy, ID Mommy, do you have your ID Mommy?" I waved it at him over my shoulder and he said "whew, they wont let us see the airplanes without it".

I didn't have the heart to tell him that we were just dropping off gear for flyboy to exchange, we weren't going to see any airplanes, well maybe from the car, but not what he was hoping for. It was a quick trip, just dropped the stuff in his car and turned around and left. As I was leaving I thought about it. My three year old knows the routine now. He's going to grow up with this life, understanding it (as best you can) from the get go.

I married this life. Well I married a very wonderful man who brought this along with him. I remember when we were dating and it all seemed very strange. All the acronym's that had more letters then most words, all the various uniforms, the military regulations, all of it. It was so different then what I was used to and it didn't seem like it would ever be a comfortable existence. It was just a lot to take in.

But now, now I am an expert at reading an LES, now I can jump thru the hassles of renewing my ID or car tags while my husbands at war, now I am savvy enough to avoid, at all cost, the commissary on payday (that was a quick lesson, learned very early on). Tricare and I are close, we are "frienemies" if you will but still its a close relationship. Flyboy and I have whole dinner table conversations about work that sound as if we are talking in another language. doesn't everyone know what a WTI is or what NATOPS means?

Now I watch Army Wives like a true expert, well as much of an expert as a Marine wife can.


  1. I never know what to comment about your mommy posts! So I will say...We discuss the pythagorean theorem at our dinner table and brandon gives me math tests for fun.

  2. LOL. just comment! i live on comments. especially from you. i was wondering if you were even reading anymore. i just ramble. you know that.

    seriously do you guys discuss math at dinner? i mean we talk about other stuff (lots about money and stocks, flyboy loves to plan out the future).

  3. I'm glad to read that it's okay for me to be completely clueless about all of this stuff.

    Most of the guys who come through the USO are army, my best friend is a Marine wife, and I tend to get them all confused. "ABUs, BDUs, DCUs,'s that cute little camo-ey outfit, you know darn well what I mean!"

    I'm sure I'll figure it all out eventually. Sure by that time he will probably be getting out, but whatever...

  4. Every family has its weird stuff. Apparently now all we talk about is poop (my son is 3).

  5. Well, that leaves hope for me ;).

    I love your blog! Just wanted you to know.

  6. LOL I wonder if maybe I am at the 3 year old place. I always have the ID, ID, ID chant going in my head as I approach the gate. I still have to ask about certain acronyms, I have a social "something" (see? I forgot already) with my husband a week from Friday, it will be my first. Lord help me. I'm still learning TriCare and it makes my head hurt. I can, however, read an LES and I know what it is :D

    At dinner when Zach was around, we did used to talk about physics. Really. That would basically be him explaining to me some obscure thing...he was an interesting child and young adult. LOL

    You do good work!

  7. So true!!!!!

    My daughter got her first ID card, and she loves to flash that thing around. Her absolute favorite thing to do is for us to run to the shoppette and she can run in and get milk or whatever we need in a pinch.She takes it very seriously, and I love it! Cause goodness knows you only need milk or bread when you have all the children and at least one of them is sick!

  8. LOL at being "frenimies" with Tricare! Us too!

    I only recently realized that our kids are already true "military brats". They just don't know any better. When we were in NY visiting family Dillon kept asking my Mother where her ID was. He just couldn't understand why she wouldn't have one. Doesn't everyone live this way?

  9. We had been married a few years before we happened into the military. I remember thinking I would never understand all the lingo.

    When my then 3 year old sang "O do you know the muffin man" with "down on Corey Station" as part of the lyrics, I knew the kids would fit right in... (Corey station is a little base near NAS Pensacola where my dh was first stationed.)

  10. My then 6 yr old told my sister not to worry about the gate sentries because "I know them; they always let me in." And my kids don't know what a grocery store is, but they know what a commissary is.


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