Monday, April 21, 2008

What comes from cows?

I was reading Dash-1 a bed time story last night and he was half awake half asleep. It was a Sesame Street story about foods, colors, and matching.

"Bubba what juice is orange?" He points to the OJ.

"Good job Bubba. Where does OJ come from?"

him. "an orange of course" (He looks at me like I'm a giant idiot as if to say they let you graduate from college and you don't know where OJ comes from are you a moron?!)

me. "Where does milk come from?"


"Bubba what comes from a cow?"

him. "Cow poop. And lots of it."

hmmm... cant argue with that logic. We'll review where milk comes from at a later date.


  1. Ha!

    He's right about what comes from a cow. His view is a little narrow, perhaps, but he's right. :)

  2. I just wanted to say thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment on my page. :)

    Hilarious comment from your son! Milk coming from cow poop, well at least he's half right on the source of it.

  3. well, he's not wrong so to speak... lol thanks for your msgs by the way

  4. My son went to the farm and was asked to milk a cow and yelled out I will not touch that cows penis. I guess he has a really scary idea of where milk comes from

  5. Yep and lots of it....I prefer milk and lots of it, but you can't argue with his logic.....I love children's approach to things, makes us forget the big things......


  6. I just love little boys - and he's right. There is a lot! And it stinks too!

    We have some of the older Sesame Street books - they are awesome! I really enjoy them, and so do the kids.

  7. Too funny! cow poop. Now that really makes me feel like drinking a cold glass of milk : )

    Kids are the cutest.

  8. LOL, that is GREAT! Leave it to little kids and their logic.

  9. so cute i can't wait for the punkin to say silly things. Right now all she does is say KaKa...which means cracker and not poop apparently,lol.


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