Thursday, February 4, 2010

Blizzard Bloghop: Nice to meet you!

In honor of this never ending winter I figured what the heck, why not get snowed in today! And no, thankfully its not snowing, its a blog thing.

Actually its rather warm, high of 28 today, I might even get out the kiddie pool and sunbath in the front yard. But that's neither here nor there.

Instead its time for a little something that Household 6 Diva throw together, its a blog meet n greet Blizzard Bloghop. Everyone writes up a little intro and then you go off, in the comfort of your pjs or what have you and check out new blogs.

So for all you newcomers WELCOME!

I go by the mrs. around here. Yup, that's me, stay at home mom extraordinaire. Or something like that. I'm fast approaching my 30's and at least for now, could care less. I have three great kids, all boys, 5, 3, and 5 mths. Yup. All boys, known as the dash brothers {they go by dash-1, 2, 3, around here}

Our house is in constant, varying stages of chaos, but the blog fodder is endless. I mean really, post about elmo underpants being flushed down the toliet or words created by dash-1 just right themselves.

I've been married to my devilishly handsome flyboy of a husband for seven years. {he just happens to be a Marine who flies and around here he goes by flyboy, you can't say I'm not witty}. Not only is he quite a husband but he's a fantastic father and a heck of a shot with a nerf gun.

Oh and he too provides blog fodder. {I respect his desire not to have his picture on the blog, safety reasons and all, but the funny stories, oh those are fair game.}

I started this blog just over two years ago to just have an outlet to write and clear my head. I wasn't sure how it would turn out, how long I would stick with it, or if anyone would ever even read it. I didn't know if it would be a mommy blog or a military blog and it's tured into a random musing blog.

I've changed its look a couple times, my writing style has gotten better, but all in all the purpose has stayed the same, it's my spot where I laugh at the funny things our kids do, take a moment to think about how our love has changed and grown, and try to be really aware for all the things that I am immensely grateful for.

Some post are about sentimental stuff, some mindless, and quite a few have been known to cause milk to fly thru commenters nostrils or so they say.

That's about it. I'm not sure what this year will have in store for us or the old blog. One thing I'd really like to do is more cooking and baking post. I'm trying to make at least three new recipes a week {when flyboy is around} and I've had some great results.

But no doubt there will be a lot more dash brother stories. After all they really do write themselves. More swaps and more giveaways no doubt, cause those are always fun. More of me trying to figure out how to be a good mom and a good wife, because no one is perfect, in fact sometimes good enough is perfect.

All in all, just more of me me, trying to figure it out as I go along. Hope you'll come back!

And comment. I live for comments.

Oh and I'm rather new there and kinda quiet but you can now find me on twitter as mrs_flyboy


  1. Nice post :) My two are 5 & 3 years old :)

  2. you forgot the pregnant hamster post... that by FAR is my favorite (and I had soda squirting out my nose!)

  3. I'm playing too. But you already knew that. I changed my comments so hopefully it's easier to comment. Please let me know if you have any problems now.

    Nice to meet you. Again.

    *cough* twin *cough cough*

  4. I'm a new follower so it was nice reading your post so I could catch up. I started my blog for the same reasons. Hopefully I'll still be blogging in a couple of years. It's so fun!

  5. Aloha and nice to meet you!

    Your kids are adorable! My man is also mighty wicked with a Nerf gun! LOL!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  6. nice to meet you mrs. :)
    your blog sounds very interesting and rather fun! look forward to reading it

  7. Hello! Just stopping through from the bloghop. I'll be back. Your blog looks interesting and fun.

    Happy Bloghopping.

  8. random?! That's why I love you!

  9. lovely, i just brought lots of new emo backgrounds 2 my blog

  10. Love your blog header; your children are precious! It's so nice to meet you. Happy Bloghop!

  11. Hi!! Nice to meet another military family!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  12. Stopping by from the blog hop. Aren't kids great? They give us so much blogging material to write about, lol..

  13. Nice to meet you, here via blog hop. Army wife, mom of soon to be 5, homeschooler, living in Germany with my soldier of almost 13 yrs!

  14. I'm visiting from the bloghop! It's nice to meet you! You sound like you have a great sense of humor!

  15. Love your post!
    I am always entertained when I read your stuff!

  16. Nice to meet you. Your kids are adorable!

  17. Hi, nice to meet you. I like the names you have for your boys and your Husband :]

  18. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your kids are precious! I now know exactly what people mean when they tell you to enjoy their baby days!

  19. Awesome blog. Just stopping by to say on the bloghop. I know a little late but still trying to get to meet everyone. Have a blessed day!


I'm not going to lie... I live for comments. Nice ones that is.