Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wondering wednesday

It's Wednesday. Or at least I think it is. It is isn't it?

Sometimes when flyboy is away I just loose track of days of the week. Especially when there is no school and with a snow day today and then friday and monday off for President's weekend I'm all sorts of messed up.

So back to wondering Wednesdays {because it is wednesday right?}

This first one has a bit to do with one that I put up two weeks ago about the smart cars. I saw a guy at the commissary with a cart full of groceries and an itty bitty smart car to get them in.

So {drumroll please} I'm wondering how the hell he's getting all those groceries home.

And from the look on his face so was he.

-I wonder about the guys on American Idol that miss the birth of their kids to audition. I get it that its a once in a lifetime oppurtunity to audition but so is the birth of your baby. And the odds are very much against you that you'll win or even make it to the top 12. So do you miss out on something so special?

{I was thinking about this last night, after all we military families miss out on an awful lot but is that really the same?} I'm really torn, is it just the same? Would you go ahead and audition? This one really has me wondering.

-I wonder about reusable menstraul cups.

Yup. You read that right.

A mommy board I'm on had a post singing the praises of them and a TON of the moms raved about them. {I'm starting to think I don't fit in there, I'm pretty sure that was the writing on the wall for my participation.}

In my book those go in the same category as cloth maxi pads. I'll recycle every last thing in my house, I'll wash out plastic bags and clean my foil to use again, but I must draw the line at anything menstrualy related being reusable.

The hole in the ozone could be RIGHT over my damn house it's never going to happen. EVER.

and one last one.

-I wonder about my husband sometimes. Oh I love him so. But I do wonder about him.

The other week dash-3 was trying so desperately to chew on his toes. Flyboy thinks that we should discourage that, after all he said "feet are filty". Yes, your feet. My feet. The other kids feet.

But our five month old? Hardly. His feet never touch anything! Those hands he's always sucking on are faaaaaaaaar more yucky if you think about it.

So there that wraps up my wonderings for this week. And again I'm going to toss out my disclaimer... these are just my opinions, if you love your smart car, your reusable menstrual cup and think babies eating their feet are disgusting, that's cool. I'm ok with that. I'm not here to change minds.


  1. I am so with you with the reusable cup and pad thing.... EWWW! I am pretty "crunchy" with a lot of things, But there is no fricken way I am going there. YUCK!

  2. Ewewewewewewewew I do not even want to know what reusable menstrual cups are!

  3. Uhh.. reusable menstrual cup? I had never hear of them before, so I googled it.

    And that's a no. Not on your life.

  4. reusable menstrual cups rock.


    i love mine! or i did, before i got preggers again :)

    if i recall, i was the pro - cloth pads girl around here before!! :)

  5. Menstrual cups are absolutely disgusting, imo. And so are reusable pads! I hate cloth diapers as well...
    I love our planet, but seriously that is just disgusting!

    I was furious when someone once told me that I am not an efficient mother because I can't find the time to clean cloth diapers. Seriously?! I have no problem with people using cloth diapers, they are just not for me! I dont go around insulting someone for using them so don't insult me for not.

    And the husband thing... I concur. Mine once told me that we should discourage our son from falling over, because he might start to think its funny and will become mentally damaged from his falls. What!!?! hahaha... wow. Fathers are ridiculous sometimes haha

  6. I'd go even farther...anything that absorbs what comes out of that end of the body should be thrown away. Ew. Ew. Ew.

  7. I have no intention of googling menstrual cups. Ignorance is slightly nauseous anyway bliss!

  8. I totally agree on reusable pads and cups...

    And I used to like smart cars but they are not really safe.
    I mean if they crash into something they are pretty stable but they don't stick to the road well.
    If the driver loses control they flip around like the ball in a pinball game.
    Other than that they might come in handy for a single person without spouse, kids or a pet...

    Oh and I am leaving you some sunshine, now that you have a snow day today. You can find it on my blog

  9. Smart cars are so odd. I don't see a lot of them around here but when I do it's like a triple take. :)

    I don't know about the audition thing/birth of a child. That seems like a heavy decision...

    I have a wondering wednesday for you:
    Why does my husband wait until I am trying to type a blog or wait until I am talking on the phone to ask me 8 million questions??

  10. Not even going to weigh in on the cup issue. Yikes.

    But I really don't get the auditioning over the birth of child thing. Really? Really?! I mean let's face it - American Idol isn't exactly a once in a lifetime deal... it will come around next year too, you know...

  11. I think if we ever got stationed in Germany again I would want a Smart car...well maybe not but I can see how nice they would be here. But in the US, where there are a ton of SUVs and other large cars, no way.

    I don't really get missing out on a birth by something you choose. I know our husbands chose this life but it isn't automatic that they would miss a birth. But saying, "Oh you are due Feb 10th? Well on Feb 5th I want to fly across the country to audition for American Idol" just makes no sense.

  12. I don't think its the same with the guys that audition for AI, and military spouses. Military spouses don't have a choice, they are doing their job, and the guys on AI don't HAVE to be there. That is a 1 in a million chance, and I guarantee he gets cut pretty soon and he will have missed his daughter's birth for nothing. :-/

  13. I feel like I really need to step in here. I use a Diva Cup and am going to defend:

    1. It's nothing like a reusable pad. It is made of medical grade silicone. It isn't gross at all (hygiene wise, I mean-if you can't handle blood that's another story) you boil it for 20 minutes before the start of your period and wash it out with soap whenever you empty it (into the toilet or while you're in the shower, which is really convenient).

    2. You don't have to worry about it ALL day. Empty it once when you wake up and don't worry about it again until you go to bed. That's it.

    3. You don't have to carry around tampons in your purse, ask for a loaner when you run out, fill up your suitcase with tampons when you go on vacation, etc.

    4. The risk of TSS is lower then tampons and you don't have to deal with that awful feeling when you're laying in bed at night thinking "crap, I forgot to change my tampon."

    5. It's super economical. I bought mine about six months ago and haven't had to shop in the "feminine hygiene" aisle since. They cost about $25 but most people spend much more than that on hygiene products within a year.

    6. If you have a septic tank, there is nothing to not flush and you also don't have to put anything in the trash. This is especially good for those with little ones and pets because there is nothing "to get into" waiting in the trash. Sorry, it's gross but it's also reality.

    I honestly think that most people who can handle the sight of a little blood would do really well with a diva cup. Besides being enviro-friendly they are super convenient in so many ways. So in conclusion: DON'T HATE, JUST MENSTRUATE!

  14. I thought about that too with the guy on Idol missing the birth. I started thinking....where he's from, his background etc. This could be his only shot at making a go of it and he's really betting on it so it can change his life and his families forever. I think that's why he was ok with being there. I think he might make it to the top 24 but I don't know about from there..

  15. Reusable coffee cup? Fine. Reusable grocery bags - love it. Reusable menstrual cup? Absolutely not. What the HELL!??!?!! Allison, I love your enthusiasm for them, but I just can`t. I`m sorry. And thank you for what you do for our environment. I promise to do my part and walk to the commissary the next time I buy tampons :)

  16. I think it's funny how different things gross people out. Personally, the thought of washing out plastic bags and foil completely disgusts me. I mean, I have to eat the stuff that touches, so the last thing I want to do is reuse something that was never meant to be reused.

    I am grossed out by the diva cup, but mostly because of how it's used. I don't use tampons for much the same reason. I am thinking of giving cloth pads a try, though. After cloth diapering a baby, they don't seem too gross anymore. And, hey, at least I'll be touching my own bodily fluids, not someone else's. And I totally have no problem with anyone else being grossed out by it because, wow, we've saved a ton of money cloth diapering.

  17. Oh, the guy who missed his kid's birth for AI? If I were his SO, he'd be in some serious trouble. AI is not the same thing at all as a deployed husband.

  18. I'm totally picturing the smart car guy and I can't stop laughing!!! AND AT THE COMMISSARY...hahaha.

    This is why we have husbands that work and don't stay at home...

  19. I had never hear of them before, so I googled it.
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  20. Ok I have NO IDEA what a reusable menstraul cup is! And I am frightened to google it!!!! You know what I wonder... I WONDER WHO IN THE HECK would use anything with the words reusable AND menstraul in its title!

  21. OK. I've seen smart cars around town and I can't imagine how anyone over the height of 5'5 could sit comfortably in them. Then there is the whole squashed like a pancake in the SUV vs. Smart Car arena.

    I am bewildered at the thought of a father not putting the birth of a child a priority over a talent show or AI. (Maybe there should be a special Darwin award for people like that? I truly feel sorry for both the mother and child.)

    We had a diaper service so I loved using cloth diapers but the thought of a reusable menstrual cup really creeps me out. Just typing it gave me a chill up my back. Logically speaking I should probably be willing to try it as it seems to solve a feminine problem quite nicely but I just can't evolve that far. Perhaps there needs to be a special Darwin award for me too. I will have to ponder this.

    As for wondering questions... What is it with men and their pork products? My husband loathes turkey bacon. He won't even come in the kitchen if I am cooking it. (Which is sometimes a plus in my book but that is another story) He will only eat REAL bacon. According to his doctor, he might as well eat pork rinds for desert. (I guess I can always give him his Darwin award posthumously...)

  22. Bwahahaha! You had me rolling on the floor laughing over here. Have to agree with you on all of it. Would have loved to have seen that poor guy attempt to load those groceries. Couldn't have drug my DH out of the delivery room so I don't get why anyone would choose to miss the precious moment of birth. The menstrual cups gross me out too - no, thank you. And, yup, my 6.5 mo old eats his toes any chance he can get (and pulls off his socks to chew on those) and it doesn't faze me in the least. He can't walk anywhere. Like you said, their hands are way dirtier.

  23. I'd be scared of the smart car, that I would be squished, and goodness knows I can't fit all the little hearts in there!

    Reusable cups. I guess I would try it once. Of course I did cloth diaper too.

    By the third, if we was eating, who cares where he found the food!

  24. yay Allison! i'm not the only one!! totes agree with all your points!


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