Friday, February 26, 2010

and so it goes

We've lost power.

The storm of the century was baring down on us and I, in my infinite wisdom, scoffed at it.

The storm won. I lost. And I looked like a giant tool. I always mock the people who run out to the store the night before a storm. Well they were smarter then me.

We managed to get out so I'm sitting in the McD's parking lot borrowing their wifi. It will most likely be days before the lights are back on. Till then we are going Little House on the Prairie in the flyboy house.

Wish us luck.


  1. have technology will travel...

    Best of luck and well wishes to you guys. Stay safe, sane & hopefully a little warm.

  2. OH MAN! Stay warm, safe, and I hope you find new ways to keep your boys entertained.

  3. Yikes! Stay warm and hopefully the power comes back soon! Good luck keeping the boys busy. :)

  4. So it will be like a big camping least as far as the boys are concerned.

  5. Please stay warm and safe. And if that fails, come visit. We have room for all of you, electricity, the sun, and all that good stuff.

  6. Oh no! Hope you can get some power soon!

  7. Best wishes from the left coast! Stay warm!

  8. I just found your blog - and I love it!

    Everytime we lose power I wind up at Panera for hours. I hope your power comes back on soon!

  9. Hello This is your long lost bloggy buddy Jessica. I changed my blog address from "When life gives you lemons" to this one:

    I am excited about getting back into blogging! I enjoy reading yours!



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