Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rainbow the superhero stripper

Yesterday, I felt a little like a stripper.

{I've peaked your interest have I not?}

We were out running errands, the dash boys and I, when dash 1 and 2 decided to be superheros. Spiderman and batboy, respectively. We are working, very hard, on not running thru stores like deranged lunatics so to my surprise and relief they instead walked swiftly thru the store in search of people, or things like mini cucumbers to save.

Dash-1 then decided that I needed a superhero name, because, well, I am a superhero. My vote was for Wonder Woman. I kept humming the wonder woman theme song but for some reason they were not interested.

Some things are just lost on the youth of today.

Instead dash-1 thought my superhero name should be Rainbow.

Really? Rainbow? What am I a superhero stripper? Instead of a cape do I have pasties and a pole? Boy could you imagine what her theme song would be!

{And good lord, no offense to anyone out there named Rainbow, I don't need nasty comments about how sweet every person named Rainbow is. I get it. This is just my opinion.}

So there we were, walking thru S*m's Club, searching for individuals {or produce} in peril, Spiderman, Batboy, and me.... Rainbow.

And yes, in case you were wondering, we got quite a few stares from people. And a few snickers.

The things I do for my kids.


  1. I hear Rainbow Brite is making a comeback. Some things, nostalgia-evoking though they may be, ought to remain firmly ensconced in the Eighties.

  2. I just had a flashback of going to the grocery store with my dad and little brother. He didn't run through the aisles -- instead, he would grab the bar between the back two wheels of the cart and slide around the store on his stomach. It used to drive whoever was pushing the cart crazy, but I miss it now :)

  3. Awesome.

    When Isaac gets old enough to want that I want the super hero name SuperBoobs.

  4. Haha! This just cracked me up! I'm sure you still rocked your superhero!

  5. ahaha! That's so awesome! (and totally something I would do!) Hope you were able to make many saves!

  6. I think Rainbow suits you! :) LOL - great job Mom!!

    ps.Here are some pictures of my batman at the commissary too!!!

  7. hahahahahaha Rainbow!!
    Thats great :)

  8. I once knew a girl named Sunshine, but I don't think that's really a "stripper" name... The name Rainbow kind of makes me cringe too though -- It reminds me of this British sitcom I used to watch called Are You Being Served? One of the characters is this aging woman who dyes her hair a variety of different rainbowesque colors from episode to episode, and the thought of seeing her with a stripper pole just -- no, thanks! :P

    Have a great day superhero :)

  9. My daughter just used her b-day money to buy a Rainbow Brite doll... Your boys might be onto something! :)

  10. My daughter just used some of her b-day money to buy a Rainbow Brite doll... Your boys might be onto something! :)

  11. heh heh heh....

    I had a friend whose daughter befriended a girl named Sunshine Rainbow...she'd be about 20 right now. Guess her folks were hippies...or they were planning her career from birth!

  12. Did you ever see those shirts for little girls that have pasties on them????

  13. My hubby's cousin is named Starshine...his aunt is VERY left wing...


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