Monday, September 29, 2008

Love changes

Amanda from Lifelong Playdate left me a funny comment on my post asking what your romance was on a scale from 1-10.

"depends on the day for us. most days don't require a hose. but my heart gets all racy like when we remembers to take out the trash.

does that count?"

Funny how love changes over time.

When I was dating flyboy or first married I would have replied immediately no that doesn't count are you crazy. But now I am at a different place in life.

A better place if you ask me.

Romance doesn't have to be sweaty sex or underwear that he thinks is sexy but really dental floss would offer more coverage. It doesn't have to be a dozen roses for no reason, it doesn't have to be coming home from work and sweeping me off my feet and carrying me off to the bedroom.

The winters up here are beautiful, but for a girl from an area that considers two inches of snow a major storm they can seem brutal. Storms up here drop 8 inches as the norm. Every other week.

Thats a lot of digging out to do.

Flyboy leaves early for work, usually between 6-6:30. Before he leaves for work he scraps the walkway, the stairs, his car. He usually always digs out my car and scraps it as well.

One day he didn't get to it. There was a lot of snow so it took him a lot longer then he anticipated to get everything else done and his car out. No big deal, I told him I didn't have anywhere to be and I was a rather capable person. After all nine times out of ten he's away when it snows so I'm doing it anyways.

Well who do I see at lunch time, then my dear flyboy. Home to scrap my car and shovel it out.

That my friends made my heart race.

It also makes my heart race when he changes and disposes of a poopy diaper, kills large spiders for me, and loads my ipod.


  1. Yes, it most certainly does count. That kind of stuff makes my heart go pitter pat.

    I'm glad you have someone to scrape your windshield and kill the spiders and do the stuff that makes your hear race :)

  2. That should be hearT race...sheesh. I need to go to sleep.

  3. OK! That is not Fair....their should be a TISSUE warning on this post! (Wink) that was really sweet! Isn't love a beautiful thin? When we really grow to understand it. It is so worth the pain and heartache (ups and downs) to come to appreciate the sweetness of TRUE love! Hugs!

  4. That is the sweetest thing I have ever heard. My hubby is better at showing me his love in those every day actions... and it is just as sweet. He still makes my heart race by simply saying "Hi beautiful."

    Hope you have a great day!

  5. Loved the post! And you are exactly right. Our perceptions of loving acts change over time.

  6. That's adorable and I concur. Love does change.

  7. This was a great post.

    And I agree, it needs a tissue warning!

    My tears are mixed between the sweetness flyboy's actions and the thought of not getting snow this winter because I live in freaking San Antonio, Texas. I love Texas, but I love snow too!!!

  8. You are so right about "love changes". Great post.

  9. i couldn't have said it better myself.

    beautiful friend.

    and oh so true :)

  10. those are the most romantic things, right- those that are thoughtful, AND useful!


  11. my heart went pitter patter for you as I read it! That's so unbelievably sweet. Sounds like we got us two of the good ones. :) My hubby does little things like that all the time, and that's the stuff that makes me love him more each day.

    Yay for love and practical romance!

  12. That's really sweet. Poopy diaper cleanup and a scraped car definitely is a 10! You are one lucky woman

  13. RE: Pittsburgh

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