Tuesday, May 6, 2008

So about the underpants... and other toliet stories

Like I mentioned before Elmo underpants do indeed flush down the toilet.  The Roaming Southerner was very right in her comment when she said it probably wasn't funny at the time. Very right indeed.  A few days ago Dash-1 was going to the bathroom by himself which he does all the time.  He comes streaking buck naked into the playroom and tells me that he dribbled a little (hey its a lot to control at three!) and so he flushed his underwear down the toilet.  I couldn't believe that he had really flushed it, I was more ticked that I was going to have to stick my hand in a pee filled toilet to fish out Elmo underpants.  I went in prepared for battle but to my surprise... there was nothing in the toilet.  Indeedy do Elmo had been flushed. 

I wish I could say that was the worst of the toilet stories for that day. Oh no. There is one that I haven't told anyone yet, out of a mixture of shame and yuckiness, but in its own way its kinda funny.  

I was cleaning the our bedroom while the kids were trailing behind me.  They vanished into the playroom for a bit and I went about my business.  I heard a faint splash, when I got to the hallway they were standing there fighting over Dash-2's milk cup.  I took it from Dash-1 handed it back to his brother and told him that that was not his cup and if he wanted one he could ask for one the correct way.  Right as the little one is about to take a sip dash-1 says as he starts to walk away, "I was just trying to stop him from drinking it since it fell in the toilet." I have never ripped something from one of my kids so quickly yet to date. 

I still don't get why he didn't just tell me that from the start but I've learned this much so far, small children rarely make sense when you want them too.  That and I've learned that kids have a bizarre fascination with toilets. 


  1. Oh gosh, Abs hasn't flushed her panties down the toilet, but if she gets wind of this she might! Remind me not to leave her with Dash-1 or there's no telling what kind of trouble they could get in!

  2. The cup story had me rolling! Had to tell everyone about it!!

  3. FOR SURE! I think my kids are enemy # 1 to our Plumber. He had to take the toilet off of the floor for one of their toilet adventures. Yeah, there was a Thomas the Train Flushed. Of course we found all of this out after the toilet flooded and yes, it was right after someone did a #2 in it and I was the lovely # 1 recipient who had to clean the "Stinking" mess! ICK!

  4. Oh my....I don't know if I should laugh or cringe and the thought of that cup going in his mouth.

  5. Yeah my 3 yaer old has a fasination about the toilet. He has stood in it and flushed with his shoes ona few times

  6. Hey thanks for the shout out...I just wanted to let you know that I think someone else made that comment (I don't want to have someone sending me bad karma for stealing their shout out)...

    I def. don't know how you handle the toilet stuff. My brothers flushed my first stuffed animal down (a small ball-like dog)...years later my mom asked how Toby (the stuffed dog) lost his eyes and nose...I told her from the toilet. And she didn't believe me. She called my brothers to ask them (15 years later). thankfully, they remembered and fessed up to it.

    Oh toilet fun time memories.

  7. Speaking of bathrooms...I am practically peeing my pants laughing at all of this. Oh the joys of motherhood, I have so much to look forward to!

    It's awesome that you have a sense of humor about it all :)

  8. Ew!

    Once I found our puppy and our baby boy both having a great time splashing in the toilet water.

    oh, and one deployment both a hair brush (pink) and a tooth brush (also pink) were flushed down the toilet. I still don't know who the culprit was...

  9. What is it with the toilet?! My boys are constantly getting into trouble with that too. The bathroom in general is a problem around here. I wonder how many times in a single day I yell "we don't play in the bathroom!"? It gets old.

  10. There definitely is something with toilets and boys. It's like a magnetic pull!

    I know those stories weren't funny at the time, but for me.... hilarious! And yeah, pretty gross with the milk cup. But hey - it comes with the territory, right! ;)



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