Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What I wonder about Wednesday

Things I'm wondering about:

-Flyboy has two cans of shaving cream in the shower and a tube of fancy shmancy stuff that he uses everyday. Here's what I'm wondering about.... one can is empty. WHY NOT THROW THAT CAN AWAY?!

I'm pretty sure he leaves the cans in there for me to use but I'm not quite sure. Maybe he uses them on the weekend or something. I dunno.

I know I could throw it away but apparently we've reached a stalemate, if I'm remembering correctly that cans been in the shower since before dash-3 was born. I'm waiting for him to do it and well, I'm wondering what he's waiting for.

- Why do they check your cart and receipt at warehouse stores and not regular stores? Aren't you more likely to steal where things are normal size not jumbo size? To be honest if you can figure a way to smuggle out a 50 pound vat of mayo well then, hats off to you my friend, eat that mayo in good health.

I love those stores but I hate having getting searched upon leaving. It just makes me feel dirty. Especially if I've gone back for seconds on some awesome food sample.

That's it for this weeks edition. I'll have more next week, dash-3 has a wicked cold so there is quite a bit of puking and diarrhea so rather then blogging my time would be better spent doing laundry.

What are you wondering?


  1. Your warehouse store comment made me laugh. It is so true.

  2. I hate those stalemates over things that ought to be thrown away. I don't have any right now but I did change Paul's backgroundon his computer to scroll "clean litterbox for your password" one time. Works pretty well.

    I am wondering if you saw my giveaway? I think you should enter!

  3. Hmmm....that is very true about the warehouse stores. Never thought about that one :)

  4. Regarding the can situation: Do you ever watch Everybody Loves Raymond? There's an episode about a suitcase I think you'd enjoy.

  5. I wonder why some things medical wise depends on your parents and other stuff depends on your grandparents.

    Very true about the warehouse stores! I have wondered about that too.

  6. My dad always makes a scene when stores ask to see his receipt/cart, he'll say loudly "are you accusing me of stealing, sir?" as I apologize to the security guard and drag him away. Feel free to store that away under "ways to embarrass your children."

  7. I've wondered about that at Costco, too...

  8. It's funny you mention the can thing because I recently wrote about a stubborn match my husband and I were having regarding the Christmas lights that were still hanging outside. Like another commenter, I think you should see that Everybody Loves Raymond episode. I don't think I've ever related to a sitcom more than that episode!

  9. The warehouse store comment cracked me up. We have an electronics chain here that has to check receipts as you walk out, especially with CDs and DVDs. No biggie - except that I went in and bought a tv a few weeks ago. It happened to be the display model, so I pretty much just paid for it then picked it up off the shelf. The receipt checker did not even glance in my direction as I walked out with it...

  10. Wal-Mart will check your cart and receipts sometimes, they sometimes do that around holidays. I also took some friends grocery shopping once when their car was broke down, they weren't sure when they'd be able to go shopping again, so they bought a basket full of stuff, I also purchased some items, so we had to dig out our receipts before we could leave. I guess they worry that you only paid for a few items, so they want to make sure stuff isn't hiding that wasn't paid for.

    I hope Dash-3 feels better soon!


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