Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wondering Weds. took a detour

So today is Wednesday.

I must admit I'm a little disappointed, I've gone thru the first part of the day thinking it was Thursday and well, now I'm back a day.... so it goes.

I had a good bunch of wonderings for today.

Why cant I see people's emails in my new comment setup {which might not last too much longer if I can't figure out the kinks}? Why does my husband get so much water on the ceiling during the shower?

Why is it that my kids can't hear me when I speak in a normal voice right. in. front. of them. when I ask them to do something but if I drop my voice to a barely audible whisper to talk about something I don't want them to hear they can hear me from down the block?

And those were just a few. But then.

Then last night while switching channels I stopped upon that show Little Miss Perfect {LMP form here on out} to see what freak shows they were featuring only to get totally sidetracked. And to have my wondering weds hijacked by what I saw.

Flyboy happened to be sitting next to me, though I will put up as a disclaimer on his manliness that he was using the laptop searching around for computer stuff not watching LMP.

However he heard something about how one of the girls mom is in the Army and she showed up at grandma's house in her cammies. Flyboy shook his head and wondered outloud why the Army would allow her to be on a show about trainwreck pageant moms.

{Because while not all pageant moms might be trainwrecks, most, if not all, of the ones featured on that show are. I think we can all agree on that one.}

Now to her defense the Army mom actually seemed kinda normal {its all relative though} it was more the grandma who was the traditional pageant mom. But still it got better.

So much better it prompted me to run from the room to yell for flyboy to hurry up and stop what he was doing to come and see this {there is no way my description would do, I wanted to see his reaction}

For her WOW wear the girl, who was probably seven maybe {yet whored up to look 20}, came out on stage...... I'll let the anticipation build....


Yes. Let's all take a moment now.{insert elevator music here}

Now I am aware that there are costumes out there that look like uniforms. I'm not a total fuddy duddy, I'm not railing on those kinda costumes.

{I can see the 20 comments of people saying I have a set of cammies for my son do you have a problem with those?! NO!}

This girl came out in hacked up pair of dress blues {and the grandmother and mother both referred to them as Marine dress blues so they aren't just a freak look alike}. The "pants" were skin tight short shorts and the blouse. WOW.

I can honestly say I've never seen a blues blouse that showed ones middrift. And that much of it.

I'm not sure what was worse though, how small her shirt was, or the fact that she had on there, rank ensignia, medals, wings, oh yeah and a cover {hat} with the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor all glittered up.

I wonder what flyboy would do if the boys and I glittered up his cover and EGA for a craft project one day?

To answer my question, he would probably go ape shit nuts. Judging from his reaction to last nights show I'd have to go out on a limb and say not so well.

And with good reason. I mean where to start?! Letting your kid wear medals? Or thinking that its all good to take a dress uniform and tart it up? Or for that matter, slutting up your kid?

Honestly I don't even know. So I'm just leaving it at this. My wondering for today is... what the hell is wrong with some people?

What are you wondering about?

{total sidenote. I cant email back responses as easily anymore but now I can leave replies to comments almost as if its a message board. Kinda neat...}


  1. Holy goodness.. that's kind of offensive to be part of the military, and do that to your child! A) What is that saying to your child about your uniform, and B) Where is your respect for your own military?!!!! So not only is that show crazy.. but.. wow.

  2. After reading your post, my wondering is your wondering. That is VERY offensive.

  3. as awful as messing up the uniform part is, by far the worst thing is a "slutted up" 7 year old. slutted up anyone is degrading, but this is a CHILD. she is SEVEN. why do we insist on sexualizing children? how much does this encourage child predators?


    ~Mrs. 2nd Lt.

  4. agreed!

    I always wonder if these parents think about child predators and sexing up their kids. And what do they do to make sure that the town freak isnt sitting in the audience loving every minute? Freaks are all over the place but why put a neon arrow over top of your kid.

  5. *twitch* Ugh. There are some images I just don't want in my brain, and one that simultaneously puts a child and a military uniform in a disgustingly inappropriate situation is one of them. There are plenty of ignorant people in this country who don't have a clear idea of what it means to respect the American flag, much less the uniform of one of the services pledged to defend it, but I don't understand how anyone could think it's a good idea to sexually objectify a child.

  6. Those pageant moms make me want to vomit! It makes me cringe every time I see a young girl wearing something tarty, and their parents acting like it is normal for a 7-10 year old to look like a super slutty adult. I just don't get it...

    I'm with you on the uniform thing. What were they thinking? Especially since the Mom is in the ARMY!! Women in the military tend to get a bad rap as it is, she clearly isn't helping the situation.

  7. I laughed out loud when I read it was Marine dress blues. And I don't need to go any further on this subject. You already know how I feel about the uniforms and anyone beside the service member wearing any part of it. I'll add, though, that I dislike that there are children's sized ACU's. It bugs me almost the same as the ACU purses with husband's rank and achievements on it. And people can say what they want but I'm a traditionalist about that stuff.

    I hate that we overly sex our girls now. It started with Juicy for girls. Heck who knows, I just know that was the first time I thought something was wrong.

  8. Gah! That is crazy!

    I'm wondering when my willpower to work out will come back.

  9. I think that the ONLY time Pave would agree with anything that military related (uniforms) and slutting them up is when I put on his top, overlap the front, so its like a trench coat (a short one), and have high heals on... other then that... I don't think much else would fly!

  10. OMG is all I can say!! WTH!! OMG!! OMG!! OMG!!! And my daughter will be 7 next month and there is no way in HELL I would let her dress like that!! WOW!! I am freaking out a little that my mom bought her a 2 piece swimsuit and it isn't skimpy!!


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