Sunday, February 7, 2010

While I was up last night...

Here is a very honest mommy moment here....

I don't mind waking up at night to nurse the little one. At all. Really. Not lying.

I swear. {This is not to say that I don't enjoy sleeping for longer then 3 hours at a time, but I'm living this reality for now.}

And here is why. First off, at night, its quiet. I mean really quiet. No one is crawling or climbing on me while I nurse dash-3, no one is filling the bathroom sink with water , no one is beating on their younger brother because, mom is busy.There is none of that.

And I get to watch tv shows that aren't cartoons and don't have singing animals. I get to watch real, honest to goodness, adult crap tv. Now there is a downside, sometimes at 3 am its either 1 of the 18 paid infomercials on or something kinda off the wall like Jersey Shore.

Last night it was Toddlers and Tiaras.

That my friends is scarier then Jersey Shore.

I won't go into my whole tirad on kiddie pageants, I'm pretty sure I did that last year when I caught an episode, but I did see two things last night that caught my attention and made me seriously wonder about these folks.

{And I'm not even a feminist. These people must really get under NOW's skin.}

First, there was a pagaent director who said, "people think its all about the beauty but its not, its about the hair, the makeup, the dress, and the face, they have to have the whole package."

Oh well, excuse us on the outside for thinking its all about the superficial stuff. Our bad.

Around this house we are all for competition, seldom will my husband let my kids win a race or wrestling if they haven't "earned" it. {I do remind flyboy to sometimes cut them some slack since his legs are just a smidgen longer then theirs.} But these competitions just seem.... I don't know.... creepie.

What happened to putting emphasis on being a good person, not just a beautiful person? And is beauty really making a 5 year old look like a 25 year old, complete with fake eyelashes, fake teeth, fake hair and a fake tan? Again, creepie.

Then there was the mom who grabbed her 4 or 5 yr olds stomach and asked her daughter if she had a skinny belly or a fat belly, and then pinched her belly and tell her it was a chubby belly. Oh and she asked her what she had in there.

Good lord and we wonder why girls have eating disorders?! What is wrong with these people? Does this really seem normal to them?

Mommyhood is filled with differing styles, it's not really fair for us to judge one another. But in this case, I'm going to make an exception, so here's my other honest mommy moment, I started with one I figured I'd finish with one:

these pageant moms are whack.

Yeah that's right. Whack. I think I have to go old school to really find a term that fits.

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  1. I know this is totally weird, but that show actually makes me want to be a pageant mom. No kidding. I would be so into it. Sure, it's totally messed up, and apparently, I'm all about messing up my future kid.

  2. I agree, totally WHACK!

  3. blech, I have to agree with you! I seriously can't stand that show, those mom's are nuts and they are SCREWING up their babies heads, it utterly ridiculous.

  4. crack...and pageant mom's are whack.

  5. There are some totally crazy moms out there.

  6. Toddlers and Tiaras ticks me off every time I watch that show.

  7. That show is like a car wreck for me. i can't look away. i think it's creepy when there are men judges. what disturbed me most was in one episode the pageant director was talking about the swim suit competition and said that thongs weren't allowed because it is hard to pull off a thong. Why would a little girl be wearing a thong and why would her parents let her?!

  8. The other thing that drives me CRAZY in a similar fashion that the show "My Sweet 16 Party" did....the behaviour of these kids actually causes my blood pressure to rise.

    How can you think that your child is a functioning human or will be a functioning adult if they are allowed and encouraged to act like a beast?

  9. oooo I LOVE, love, love Jersey Shore..freakin' hilarious.

    I am so intrigued by Toddlers and Tiraras. I need to tune in. It looks like a train wreck.

  10. I'm not into toddler pageants, but I think Miss America is pretty cool. I think you can be a just as bad football dad, too. We had a nice guy at my high school whose dad wound up being banned from our games because he was so...well...he had anger issues. Felt sorry for his family.

  11. Thank you! I did a post on that show when I first saw it! Isn't it awful! Some of those mom's are crazy...I mean who spray tans a 5 year old? And gets them fake teeth to wear?!?!

  12. If you want to see some wack-jobs you should see "Little Miss Perfect" on WE. Now, granted, I actually have seen a couple of the moms with a very healthy relationship between their daughter and the pageant, but there some crazies. And the pageant director and his judges are the craziest out of the bunch!

  13. You already know how I feel about that show.

    One of my many T&T blogs got a response from a VERY angry pageant mom. All I could do was laugh at the crazy woman, lol.

  14. I watch Toddlers and Tiaras...and I watch Little Miss Perfect too. Odd, because I don't have a pageant girl...heck, I don't even have a girly-girl (but oddly, SHE likes Toddlers and Little Miss, too!).

    Mostly for me, it reinforces that I AM A GOOD PARENT and I don't force my child to be something I'm not. The kids who pout and whine and cry because they lost? You're not teaching them about sportsmanship and grace by allowing that. The kids who go on and say "I'm going to win because I'm the best"...again, something is wrong with that. But when a child goes on and says, "I'm going to do my best" and cheers on their opponent...and congratulates them, that's what I want to see.

    My daughter's best friend is a pageant girl. But she doesn't do "glitz" pageants...or the "overly made up and super sparkly $10,000 for the contest" pageants. It's taught her grace (she's a klutzy kid) and gracious winning and losing. It CAN be good, but these shows glorify the BAD in pageants.

  15. I completely agree. When I was nursing Brooke -- I didn't mind at all, in fact I loved it. The middle of the night was an special bonding time for us! : )

  16. I completely agree with you! I can't even watch the commercials for that show. It makes me want to vomit.

  17. I'm leaving you an award tomorrow!

  18. I can't even tell you how scary these shows are to me. UN-BE-LIEVABLE!!!

  19. That show makes me sad. Sad for the girls but more so... sad that my little girl will never be a pageant girl like I was. I had SO much fun competing in pageants but they aren't like they used to be and my girl won't be in one like you see on TV. Maybe if we are in a small town and they focus more on cute dresses and talent than grown up dresses and makeup!


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