Saturday, September 6, 2008

What do you get?

When you take one pan of black bean brownies, a little chair from the kitchen craft table to assist in reaching the before mentioned cooling brownies, and a little dash-2 who ate a lot of them?

And I mean a lot.

A diaper blowout.

A big one.


  1. ugh....that just sounds nasty. I do NOT, and will NEVER AGAIN miss diapers and those blowouts! My son has a VERY healthy digestive system (also called fast gut) and we were quite familiar with those blowout diapers (and I was my own pharmacist, mixing 1-2-3 paste for diaper rash when nothing else would work!)

  2. oh noooo.

    poor little guy must have felt awful.

    and poor you :/ diaper bombs are never fun

  3. Oh no! I hope for your sake it was a one-time thing

  4. Ha! I've lived through one diaper blowout thus far. I do not envy you.

  5. oh there is nothing quite like a diaper blowout is there??

    sorry friend :)

  6. Two in diapers <--- I feel your pain.


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