Monday, September 8, 2008

It's a three year old Tammy Faye!

I watched something very unsettling last night. It was about kiddie beauty pageants. It showed these little tikes painted up like hookers. It was strange. Very strange.

I'm well aware that to the people participating, and hell maybe some of y'all reading this, that this seems normal. Heck I'm sure to those folks its just like having your kid in the local soccer league.

You know except that your average four year old in the soccer league isn't wearing five pounds of makeup, false teeth and a hair piece. But really, tomato tomatoe.

Me personally, I think these moms are living vicariously thru their kids and its my firm belief that that never really works out well. Over and over these gushing moms go on and on about how little Tiffany just loves getting all dressed up and putting the makeup on. Then of course they cut to a scene of little Tiffany freaking out in the spray tan machine and throwing a tantrum because she doesn't want her hair done. This was usually followed by mom talking to Tiffany with those all useful threats that every mother uses. The difference is, I use those threats for worthwhile things like, oh I don't know going to the dentist or behaving in the grocery store.

Now speaking about worthwhile, there were lots of arguments made for pageants in there. Its been a long night so I cant remember then verbatim but the gist of the main ones where: it builds confidence, they are learning valuable lessons in behavior and how to function in society.

Are you serious?! I can see that going on stage at a young age could build confidence. But are those kids really learning confidence in who they are? Or what they are made up to be?

I mean I have a hard time buying any of those arguments when like I said earlier those kids have five pounds of make up piled on, fake teeth (because as one mother said when the kids lose their teeth, "well that's just ugly"), and hair pieces on because darn it, that three year old needs volume.

Yes, yes that's building life long confidence.

And really, teaching them to function in society. Oh come on. I'm sure the pageant director was referring to having a nice attitude, smiling, all that stuff. But really it seemed to me that the kids were learning that they should go out on stage, flirt, give a little Betty bop pose, wink and then shake their hips as they are leaving. I don't usually consider myself a feminist but really if that's what we want to teach our little girls to do well then, isn't civilization just heading down the toilet REAL fast. And with over done eye shadow.

One guy in the show said that its like "turning them into real life baby dolls". They are not baby dolls you moron. They are kids who shouldn't be strutting their stuff like hookers on 14th street.

I'm such a buzz kill aren't I?


  1. I planned on watching that until I fell asleep before it came on. It was suppose to come on at like 12am up here. I'm guessing it was on at like 8 or 9 too and I missed it. Hopefully they will rerun it again soon!

    And I completely agree with everything you are saying.

  2. I agree thats how they will strat to see their sence of worth. Girls have enough pressure as it is when it comes to looks why add to it?

  3. I think i saw that or one similar last year!?!?! It was an addictive trainwreck to watch.

    Totally agree with you. I do not like the term "feminist" but I was about to do a Gloria Steinem impersonation when I saw that.

  4. Was this on TLC? I think I saw an ad for it while watching Richard Davis. It looked interesting.

  5. This totally ruffles my feathers, too. Why not just let kids be kids? And calling it a "Scholarship opportunity" is bullcrap.

  6. As the mother of a girl, I was never so relieved as when she shunned barbies and babydolls (well, not so much the babydolls) and bratz...she's not a "girly girl" in the "I'm a Pageant Queen" sense. She has a sense of self-worth, high self-esteem, and is quite happy with who she is, which makes me happy. She doesn't want to take dance or gymnastics....but she likes to watch them both.

    She wears dresses and LOVES skorts or scooters, especially at school. She has long hair that she lets me braid, but she won't wear pigtails (and dang, she's CUTE with them).

    But never, EVER would I force her to do pageant stuff. If she ASKED me, I might consider it, but even then, the expense is just too much for me...seriously.

    I've seen these pageant shows, the moms drive me nuts. They set their kids up for failure, then rant and rave when their "precious" didn't win...and then they rant and rave at their "precious" for not doing something that cost them the prize. ugh.

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  8. I watched that last night!

    The most disturbing part to me was when the pageant director was going on and on about how the little girls are not sexualized in any way. That if anyone views them that way then they're the perverts. It's out of the parents hands, blah, blah. Then they showed about 10 clips from the pageant going on behind her where the 3 and 4 year olds were in bikini's shaking their butts around and peering over sunglasses all "come hither" like...


    I'm with you. I think it's all just WRONG.

    Plus, half of the kids featured were crying and didn't want to go onstage as you mentioned. That is, until their parents threatened them in the bathroom. Nice...Real nice...

  9. amen sister.

    and yes that guy is a moron!!

  10. I wanted to watch that last night! I'm hoping it's on again.

    Personally? Those little girls looks scary and unreal to me. I can't imagine pushing my little girl to be in pagents. I mean spray tan? Come on! She's six not sixteen!

    I think it's sad how some of the mom's push those little girls into those pagents when they so obviously don't want to do it!

  11. If I was head of the little girl pageants I would make it - no makeup, no fake hair, no fake teeth? These are kids, let them be kids! Kids are so cute with out all that. Why would parents want to put all that on them.

    I so agree with you on this one, it's the parents living vicariously through their kids.

  12. I saw that too! I was flipping through channels and got stuck there. I thought it was horrifying to see how these little girls are objectified. And fake teeth and tanning?!

  13. I think it's disgusting, and parents who put their child on stage for a beauty pageant are in serious need of counseling. I really have no idea why stuff like this is tolerated.

  14. this stuff is always so strange! i agree!


  15. I watched this with you! haha!

    I agree, I believe the mom's are trying to live out their own dreams.

    I mean, did you see the 17 year old from the show before it? She put all of her hopes and dreams into a few pieces of plastic and oh, $1000.

    Why didnt her mother give her a REAL goal like...I don't know...becoming a doctor or something.

    You are NO buzz kill.

  16. Yeah, that stuff creeps me out! Those poor little girls..

  17. Glad I didn't see that advertised. I would have watched it and spent days trying to lower my blood pressure.

    I remember seeing one of these in a local mall YEARS ago and literally watching a Mom have a come apart when her preschool daughter nearly started to cry (make-up would run) when the Mother would not let her daughter sit down (dress my crinkle).

    One thing I've noticed from these: VERY rarely are the Moms beauty pageant material. Seems to me most are trying to live vicariously through their daughters and bask in any accolades the daughter receives.

    SOOO glad M2 plays soccer.

  18. My best friend participated in these pageants when she was little. I couldn't believe some of the horror stories such as a mom throwing red punch on another little girl's dress, so she couldn't compete, fist fights between moms.

    My friend competed simply for the talent section. She won quite a bit in the talent, but she didn't care at all for the other parts. Her pageant pics look like a normal kids in a frilly dress, no make up or big hair (well, it was the 80s and easly 90s, so no big hair except for what you normally saw in those days).

  19. I watched it too and all I can say is glad I have a boy! Just a little over the top in my opinion!

  20. You are so right. It is horrible. Poor kids.

  21. OMG, I've never understood how that could be fun for a child. Creepy!!

  22. I have seen that show, and it is amazing how much they spend on that crap! People go into huge amounts of debt to make sure that their daughters have the right 25,000 dress that can only be worn once. Geez...

  23. Amen - these pageants creep me out. I'm glad I have only boys! Not that I'd be tempted to do one if I had a girl. I hate how parents try to live out their dreams through their kids. All that ever does is mess up your relationship later on and life. Stupid people.

  24. those kiddie pageants totally creep me out. Did you see that show on VH1 "i know my kids a star" those stage mom were SCARY!


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