Friday, September 26, 2008

10 things that annoy me

I got stuck behind someone today who sat thru the entire green light (I hate honking I think its so rude although I did honk in this case but he still didn't get his act in gear fast enough). I sat there thinking about how much stunts like that annoy me and well it led to this post of randomness.

* Parents at the park who sit ideally by when their kids act like total deviants. I understand parents cant be everywhere all the time, trust me I get it. But if little Johnny is climbing up the slide while trying to crush the small 21 mth old going down said slide, perhaps you should put your cell phone and cigarette down and have a chit chat with him. Or crate him.

* People who have an entire cart filled with items in the express check out. Oh how I long for the day when the cashier tells them to take a hike. I think I pick that line just to see if it will happen. But seriously how difficult is it to get that 20 items doesn't mean an entire cart?

* When strangers figure out my husband is a Marine and start giving me their views on how awful the war is. Even if I agreed with them, which I don't in the least, come on folks, I'm not going there I don't even know you and its a very awkward conversation to have in front of my parrot of a three year old.

* When I ask my little ones what they would like for lunch. Then I make it. Then they tell me they want something else. You asked for grilled cheese, your getting grilled cheese. Deal.

* When the person in front of you going thru the door doesn't make any effort to hold it for you. I find this just a basic courtesy, especially if the person behind you has their hands full and/or is struggling with small kids trying to escape.

* That car in the parking lot that was parked to purposely take up two spaces so not to get dinged. If you feel this strongly about your car and want to park it way at the end of the lot more power too you, if you are that worried but yet still park close to the store it just makes me want to squeeze into the space next to you and let my kids repeatedly open the doors into your car.

* Parents that let their kids run around in restaurants. A year or so ago we actually had a kid come up to our table and start touching things. We had to get a waitress over, no parents showed up. Yes I have kids but it doesn't mean that I want to hang out with yours.

* Emails about male enhancements. I get a lot of them. I don't know why. Thanks but I'm not interested.

* When I blow dry my hair and then it rains. Yes its a simple thing but its so damn annoying. All that effort and then frizz, lots of frizz.

* When I've been thinking about something to eat all day and then go to get it and the human garbage disposal that is my husband has inhaled it. (Though a pro to that is that food never goes bad when he's around. When he's away I have to throw away a lot more stuff.)

No doubt there are more, I don't think I'm a negative person its just that annoyances are just part of life. And well why not blog about them.

Whats your top annoyance? I hate to think I've left off a great life annoyance.


  1. Yeah, look at my post for today and you'll see my number one annoyance right now. I agree with quite a number of these, too, though!

  2. Ha! These are great! I agree with ever one of them!

    My list of annoyances is too long to post I think, lol.

  3. Uhh, that's everY one of them.

    I am the typo queen.

  4. Ooooh! When people slow down for a cross street (like it is a four way stop) even though they have the right of way! Or people who wave YOU through a four way, even though THEY were there first! Just go on your turn, sheesh.

  5. I feel you on the giving opinions of war...I went to a liberal arts college, and though I am pretty liberal myself, I didn't want to hear anything any of them said about the war, even those who were pro-war. I couldn't even have a conversation about it because I'd just start crying.

    Right now my biggest annoyance is people who are crazy rude crossing the street. But I know you've blogged about that before:)

  6. Love all those especially the express line one . . . I swear someday I am going to work at that line just so I can be the bad guy and probably get fired for being honest but right now mine is the neighbor across the street and their dogs pooping in MY front yard while the next door neighbor is standing outside watching . . . he tells me everything. And of course they don't come pick it up! I mean come on! And let's not forget that they don't pick up their newspaper or trash can for days . . . it drives my son crazy (he's only 4) and he will go put it on their doorstep.

    Happy Weekend!

  7. I agree with every single one of these. The hair frizz thing just happened to me the other day- it's so annoying.

    One of my biggest pet peeves is people with no cart etiquette. The people who stand in the the middle of the aisles at the stores and leave their carts right by my car because they're too freaking lazy to return them. That really pisses me off.

  8. I totally abhor people who put their foot on the brakes...THEN signal to turn...honestly? You couldn't signal first? And don't get me started on people who don't signal at all...a signal is a sign of intention, NOT a suggestion. So is the speed if I'm driving 65 in the right lane and that's what the speed limit is, DO NOT TAILGATE, because I have been known to lock it up (sent a car in a ditch once that way - and for the record, I do this mostly out of fear of being rear-ended...)

    I also hate people who foist their political views on me through facebook or myspace. "So-and-so thought you'd like to read this article"...uh...yeah, if I wanted to read it, I'd have found it myself.

    I posted my status as "pardon me, your politics are showing, pull them up so we can't see them". Politics (including talk of war) and religion are two things that should never be discussed amongst friends.

    I loved all your annoyances...and let me tell you, if a kid ever came up to me in a restaurant, I'd have NO qualms about taking him by the hand and firmly leading him away. This is the reason we sit in a booth (we'll even wait for one, thank you) and the kids are on "the inside". They can't get out without us moving!.

  9. If that kid showed up at MY table and started to touch things, I would pick him up inder the arms and walk through the restaurant calling out for his parents. When they answered, I would dump the kid ON their table. I can't STAND IT when kids aren't supervised and start to bother other people.

  10. These are perfect for that annoying driver who can't seem to park between the two yellow lines. Makes me laugh every time I look at them. I think you'll appreciate it!

  11. Well, If it makes you feel better. I was the Cashier in the express lane that told the cart full person to take a hike! YUP! As a cashier (long ago) this really annoyed me! My biggest annoyance is when things seem to "Disappear" just as I am walking out the door and I am short on time. Things like car keys or my purse. I always keep these things in the same place but it always seems they disappear when I am running short on time. Also when you are running late and you catch EVERY red light on the way. AHHHH! I just try to calm my self by thinking that God is keeping me from getting in an accident and that is why I am catching the red lights. LOL!

  12. might have to agree with each and every one. minus the marine thing. my hubby is in the advertising world. so i don't get that one. but i do get it. and i promise never to discuss it with you. deal.

    and i love that you said "crate him" - hahha love it!!


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