Monday, September 15, 2008

After one day of school...

What did we have on our hands? A budding genius you ask? If only.

We had.....

Sickness. Ickiness. Coughing. And an ear infection. Actually make that two.

You know the drill, one retrieves the germs and brings them back to the lair where the other then gets them. So one gets over it and the other is getting it. Hence why I haven't been around.

And of course this was all on the weekend that my parents came up for a short little visit. Great for me... kinda sucked for them!

Hopefully when dash-1 returns to school tomorrow he wont fetch anymore germs to bring home to us. I keep telling him to just color me a picture instead.


  1. Oh man! That is NO fun! Hope every gets healthy very soon!

  2. Poor guys! I hope they get better soon.

  3. heres hoping for your picture and no more bugs :)

  4. Being sick is no fun, hope all is well soon.

  5. Ok, this has nothing to do with your post, but this is probably the first time I've read your blog on your site instead of in the feed reader, and the color of the font is so hard to read! If you could make it darker, I'd be quite happy.

    And, this is one more reason I'm dreading school days around here! I know it's coming, though... Here's hoping everyone gets better and stays that way this week!


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