Friday, September 26, 2008

the eh and yah of life lately

the eh... its raining today. Hard and windy. All in all a general yucky day.

the yah! I'm off the hook for the park.
Mommy confession here, I don't so much enjoy the park. My kids love it so I take them and I get joy from watching their joy but really there are usually obnoxious kids, more obnoxious parents, and when your at the park five days a week it can get a little old. So the rain is an excuse to stay in, do some laundry, get the house straightened up and just cozy up in front of a movie or two.

the eh... I slammed my knee in the car door the other day and it hurts. A lot. And I have a nasty tri colored bruise.

the yah! An excuse to take it easy and no need to feel guilty about trying to squeeze in treadmill time. At least for a couple of days.

the eh.... dash-1 had a very rough day yesterday. He missed school again, went to the Dr's in the am and found out he needed a nebulizer for his breathing and then had to go to the dentist in the pm for an emergency root canal. Without sedation.

the yah! And this is a big yah, for the first time in four nights he slept. The whole night. No screaming fits, no tears, just sleep. In his bed. Thank God.

the eh... flyboy's not around and his absence was very missed yesterday.

the yah! well there really isn't a yah when your husband is gone but you do have to look at the positive side, so I can get away with eating frozen dinners, the laundry can sit around an extra day or two, now that dash-1 is back in his bed I get the bed back to myself, and no giant large puddles left after his morning shower that I always step in with my socks on.


  1. oh I hate the puddles. Sorry for the Dash sickness to continue...but I'm glad you all got some good sleep!

  2. I hope all those ehs get worked out and hooray for the yahs! Keenan has a nebulizer too and has to use it when he starts to wheeze. He calls it his wheezer. Kinda cute. Anyway, I hope it helps Dash-1 as much as it does Keenan.

  3. I liked the suject of this blog. Very cute, even though I wish you didn't have to deal with eh's.

    That bruise sounds painful!

  4. A root canal without sedation? I've had that...poor little guy! I'm glad he slept though. And I hate the pubbles too!

  5. Hooray for rain and no park today here too. I just wasn't feelin' it and I'm sort of glad it rained. Shhhh, don't tell my little ones.

  6. Sorry that the dentist appointment did not go well. I like how you made positive things out of all the not so positive things. That bruise sounds bad, I have one now, but it is almost gone...I should use the excuse of taking it easy before it is gone completely!

  7. Sometimes kids at the park are scary. I went with my friend and her three year old earlier this week. She was waiting patiently for her turn to climb up this ladder and this kid just totally cuts her off! I was appauled and even more so that the mom said nothing!


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