Wednesday, September 17, 2008


All in all I am fine. Thanks everyone for asking. Life is fairly status quo around here.

Dash-1 is ok with school, he wakes up every morning and tells me that he isn't going, only on Tuesdays and Thursdays he loses that battle and goes, drop off freak out and all. And his gastro dr. has ordered an extensive poop test so I've been following him around making sure he doesn't poop without me getting to dig around in it.

All y'all out there without kids are jealous aren't you?

Dash-2 is his usual adorable self only as of late is running on average 9 hours of sleep a night (fyi he should be getting 12) and doesn't seem to want to nap during the day. You wouldn't think a couple less hours would make a difference but it does. Oh it does.

After a week of getting up at 3 am and working a 16 hour day flyboy has once again joined the family and is staying awake past getting home and getting his boots off. Word around town is that the command might even give them friday off.

On the other hand there is silent stress in the house. An elephant in the room. We've known about it for a while but I haven't wanted to write about it because for op sec I don't know how and sometimes I feel like saying it out loud could ruin it.

There is "stuff" going on at work. There is potentially a huge change coming down the pike in flyboys flying community. It would be an awesome opportunity but like everything it comes with a high cost. TAD in excess and two back to back deployments. Oh yeah and even more people shooting at him then before. But that I can take. Its the back and forth, the waiting game, the not knowing.... that is killing me.

First word of this came last month and originally they wanted a couple of officers to start off the program. It turns out everyone was throwing around flyboys name despite him being mere enlisted swine (just so nobody gets their panties in a bunch we use that term affectionately around here, really we do, we just have sick sense of humor I suppose). So it went back and forth, having to wait and see if he could even do it, at the same time being told, that here's what may happen, plan for what may happen.

He was even sent home from work to discuss this all with me. They were serious about making sure I was on board with it and that the family understood what was involved. I don't think they understand that two family members only have decision making authority about what Popsicle flavor they want.

But oh the program still needs some high approval. But plan for what may happen. And we cant really give you guys a time line but theirs the chance that it may just start one week and take off from there.

Yesterday flyboy was called and asked for his coast preference for the eventual PCS that would come out of this. That's another drawback. He would be TAD in excess for a while so technically we would still be up here and not with the units he would deploy with. It could be up to 2 years before we were given orders out of here. Not to much of a biggie, I'm actually a bit excited at the prospect of leaving here and perhaps moving home for a bit. But its tough. How do you plan for that?

It's tougher now that Dash-1 is in school. Yes its only nursery and then preschool but still, he needs to be in something and folks those programs fill up fast. How do you look for something when you dont even know when your going?

Ultimately the kids and I could just stay up here, but he wont really be with this squadron anymore, the base offers nothing for us, we wont be PCS'ed back here, and with him gone it would be easier to be closer to family. It just doesn't really make sense to stay up here. But then again paying out of pocket to move and trying to time it all right feels like it doesn't make any sense either. Honestly, this place has never been that high on my list, I've never really felt at home here. I'm giddy at the thought of getting to move.

And it looks like its going to happen. His reputation has gotten him a spot now we just need everything to go thru without a hitch and with our sanity intact. Its just hard to make plans, to get your life in order, to make some decisions and then not know if your going to need them. To work yourself into that frame of mind and then to be told oh forget about it. It just starts to wear on you after a while.

And lets not even talk about if it doesn't happen. The level of disappointment flyboy will have will be crushing. I just hope it all works out.

Like always in the military, and in life, its just wait and see. Its all that we can do.


  1. I don't know how you do it. You all are in my thoughts! I hope they give you something solid to sink your teeth into soon!

    That sounds weird...maybe it's must the Midwestern ranch girl coming out.

  2. ah, yet another hurry up and wait moment! It sucks not being able to plan for the future of your family! I certainly know the feeling. Keep us updated!

  3. Oh, it can be so frustrating just waiting...I hope everything goes as smoothly as is possible in the military. ;)

  4. I really admire you for keeping it cool through all of these "maybes." I am really hoping that things work out for the best for your family!

  5. A lot of maybes alright. I am sure somehow, someway, everything will work out for the best.

    We did the digging in the poop thing, and we are still monitoring for worms. You and I and the 5 kids could probably give the non-glamourous side of motherhood and deter teen pregnancy. Of course I am way past my teen years...

  6. i know i said it yesterday and probably even the day before - but i truly don't know how you do it.

    sending happy thought vibes that it all works out to be exactly what you and the family are hoping for.

    btw - sometimes i have to read part of your posts to my hubby (his dad was military) so he can explain all the lingo and abbreviations. :)

  7. Amen! This is kind of how I've felt for the last two and a half years. There really is such a thing as a "regular" deployment schedule in the subforce. I kind of miss it, even though he's been on land a lot more than usual.

    I hope you guys find out soon what is going on - and they don't change their minds three weeks later!

  8. P.S. The font is way easier to read. Thanks!

  9. at some point, you want to say (and this does sort of tie in with the other parts of your post)

    Just Poop or get off the Pot! Make a decision, and stick with it! but the powers that be just cannot DO that, can they? and when the decision is made, it will be "we need you there YESTERDAY"... that was our predicament before this last PCS.

    I hope you get the right decision for you soon.


  10. That is tough, my friend. I hope it works out as you hope. And I hope more than anything that you get some much needed answers soon.

  11. You're amazing the moving the stress the worry. You are one tough cookie.

  12. Ugh.. The wait and see game is the worst.

    I feel your pain sister!

  13. Ah, yes, making plans A, B, C, and the oh, heck, let's just fly by the seat of our pants b/c we don't know what's going to happen anyway moments! I hope it all works out for you and for Flyboy!

  14. The not knowing is the worst. I hate that "in limbo" feeling. I hope it all works out the way you hope. And just for the record- I'd probably move home too.

  15. Wow, that sounds really tough. Two back to back deployments??? I can't imagine... But I guess I should be prepared for that to happen one day, right?

    Oh, I wrote a story in your honor.

  16. Ah the military. Sorry to hear everything is so crazy right now. I hope everything straightens out easily and quickly!


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